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7 Methods to Enhance Focus and Efficiency

Meditation teacher Parveen Panwar, AKA Mister Activated, discusses his tips for focus.

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29, 2020

1 min read

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Parveen Panwar is an entrepreneur, angel investor and meditation teacher, offering courses and workshops as Mister Activated. Panwar talks with Jessica Abo about seven practices for improving focus and attaining peak performance.  

Seven areas to improve for peak performance

The breath, shifting breathing from chest to stomach and breathing in for a count of four and out for eightPosture, to allow for better flow of breathLimiting distractionsReal breaks to reset and rejuvenate, avoiding social media or news feedsPresence, limiting focus to a single activity and resisting the urge to multitaskIncorporating a mantra such as “I’m enough” or “I’m strong,” in daily life to replace negative self-talkReconnecting with self, whether by formal meditation or simply being quiet

Panwar also talks about the importance of teaching children the principles of focus, providing tips for parents. 

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