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7 crowdfunding platforms to make use of to advertise your concepts

With online crowdfunding, you can collect resources from an online community to start or grow your project.

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These are internet platforms that allow you to collect resources from an online community during a fundraiser that will raise money for rewards such as t-shirts or versions of the product. They are a great option for funding a prototype and getting market validation. There is also financial crowdfunding, which finances start-ups among investors in return for a stake in the company.

Platform for financing projects in all creative areas: music, film and video, photography, design, editing and literature, illustration and comics, architecture and urban planning, technology, art and theater, culture, gastronomy and fashion. The beneficiaries receive the financed amount minus commissions. Through the Creative Funding Ark initiative, projects that are original, creative, and risky enough can earn $ 1 for every $ 1 raised by the site's funding community, which funds more than 200 projects and more than 20 million US dollar contributed.

Available to any person or organization seeking funding and collaboration for creative and innovative initiatives for social, cultural, scientific, educational, technological or environmental purposes. In return for the resources provided by the donor community, beneficiaries can, if they so choose, as this is not mandatory, deliver both tangible and intangible rewards. The financing takes place in two rounds: one for a minimum amount and one for an optimal amount.

It is a platform for ideas from small and medium-sized companies, where investors can put together a portfolio of projects. People vote for the suggestions they want to join so each brand has a community of partners. There are well-known brands like La Borra del Café that came about thanks to this crowdfunding. It's a great option to get your business going or to put your money on work.

This platform provides crowdfunding for franchise businesses, meaning they start an investment project to fund an action by a well-known brand (e.g. opening a new business or remodeling another brand), and with a fraction of the investment, users can get into Investing these products that can go from 7 thousand pesos or less. If you want to enter brands like Potzollcalli or La Cervecería de Barrio without having to go through them directly, this option is for you.

It is one of the few regional crowdfunding platforms in Latin America with a presence in seven countries. Directly support entrepreneurs with fundraising drives that last 40 days on average and try different payment methods. This has funded 80 projects in Mexico – mostly design, film, video and music – with amounts between $ 300 and $ 65,000. To nominate an idea, he recommends highlighting what the requested money will be used for and offering attractive rewards.

Pioneering platform in the US for massive funding of projects such as films, games and music related to art, design and technology. Since its inception in 2009, 6.7 million people have raised $ 1 billion to fund 66,000 creative projects, some of which are based in Mexican cities such as DF, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Mérida and Tijuana. Through a campaign, anyone can set a funding goal and a deadline to meet them. Funding is all or nothing (if the goal is not met, the funders will not deliver the money). Charge 5% of the funds taken.

It is probably the most famous platform in Mexico. You can get help with business ideas and personal needs at this Fondeadora crowdfunding branch. Accept donations by bank card, PayPal, interbank transfer and cash deposits in convenience stores. They charge 6.5% + VAT of the total amount collected by the campaign organizer.

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