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63 corporations begin for beneath $ 10,000

Savvy business owners can make a bundle by buying liquidated inventory and surplus government equipment at dirt cheap prices and reselling them at staggering markups. Retailers, distributors, and manufacturers are running out of inventory for a number of reasons – products are moving slowly, out of season, or damaged, or the company is relocating, merging, or going out of business. In fact, billions of dollars' worth of inventory are becoming available at fire sale prices every year. The best types of liquidated inventory are power and hand tools, Blu-ray movies, toys, kitchen and bathroom accessories, fashion accessories, and electronics. Avoid products with limited shelf life or special storage and transportation requirements. Products can be resold for profit through eBay and other online marketplaces, weekend flea markets, and to retailers, flea market sellers, and eBay sellers.

Buying government surpluses and confiscated goods for pennies to the dollar of original value and reselling them to consumers at certain prices can also result in big profits. Government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the US Postal Service, the US Small Business Administration (SBA), the US Marshals Service, and the US Treasury Department often sell used and surplus equipment, as well as items that have been confiscated for nonpayment or for criminals Activities through auction sales and sealed tenders. Items that are routinely auctioned by government agencies include computers, real estate, automobiles, machines and tools, jewelry, furniture, electronics, and boats. Sell ​​the larger items you buy from home on Craigslist and other classifieds, as well as on eBay and the smaller items at weekend flea markets.

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Investment: Under $ 10,000

Rate: Varies

Skill level: 1

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