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6 steps to creating the last word webinar

12, 2017

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For a long time, you've only used a powerful presentation personally. The speakers traveled from town to town to give their presentations at organized meetings of others, in churches, in hotel ballrooms and in convention centers.

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Even today authors, professional speakers, organizers of various opportunities, reality TV stars, company trainers and consultants are regularly out and about to give their presentations in front of an audience. At the local level, doctors, lawyers, accountants, investment advisors and other professionals and business owners go to civic groups, corporate groups and lunches. Promote and promote your own seminars and introductory courses; and maybe go into business and have lunch-and-learn sessions for the host's staff and always give their presentations in front of an audience. But what if you could get the audience to showcase?

Don't get us wrong – we're still "old school" fans. It works out. Most of the time it works better than anything done online with the same presentation through a specific measurement: sales made, customers received, appointments booked. However, there is a significant investment in money and time involved in traveling across the country or the globe, or even just your city, to give your presentation. There are also people who never step foot in a free preview seminar, attend an executive briefing, or otherwise face an audience, but the same people can be good prospects for your business.

This is where online media becomes so valuable. If you have a presentation that works and is perfect with a live audience, there is a 99 percent chance that it will work unchanged or be adapted as a webinar – short for "seminars on the Internet". So you can talk while you sleep. This allows you to reach an audience that you wouldn't have personally. It multiplies the value of your presentation. It allows an audience to watch your presentation whenever they want, on demand, just like they watch movies, TV shows, and / or reruns of sports games. You can get a group to watch it on a specific date and time, just like if you were traveling to Boston and holding a meeting at a hotel. It's versatile, efficient, and can be fully automated.

Below is our ultimate webinar formula:

1. Transport

Just as you need to invite and motivate people to come to a meeting in a physical location, you need to invite and motivate your audience to watch your webinar. There is certainly no shortage of ways to do this. There's email, social media, offline direct mail, magazine, radio, and television ads, and the ability to get other people to promote your webinar for you.

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2. Registration

It's rare that you want to set up a webinar for direct, on-demand access without registration. People are used to registering for seminars and courses, so there is little resistance. And you want this contact list for follow-up.

Great registration pages include a headline, a photo of the presenter, and a small retail copy of what you would learn if you looked at it. They also include a countdown timer so they can see the clock is literally ticking! It will run down until the moment this webinar is no longer available.

3. Build tension

Don't take enthusiasm or persecution from people for granted. For this reason there is a sales copy on the registration page. If registration and the webinar (or live webcast) are delayed, there should be a number of follow-up messages via email and text, possibly voice and possibly email, to indicate interest in the upcoming Awaken webinar. In most cases, enrolling a person is the beginning of a process – not the end. You have to sell people who registered when it came out! The good news is that just like playing and repeating the webinar, all communication can be automated.

4. The presentation

This is the easy part. All you have to do is deliver your signature presentation, which you have perfected and (ideally) battle-tested with a live audience. It can be a fully recorded video or it can be webcast live.

An important difference between a webinar and a live presentation is that you can't stamp people in the back of the room to sign up for what you're offering or to buy. Instead, you will most likely want to direct your audience to something called a "hot list" page. This is a separate website that you redirect them to or click to sign in again. You can then register, order or plan with you. We usually split the request for their contact information, and then their purchase information, into two login pages so we know that if someone leaves without completing the purchase, we will have to track someone in a certain way. This is our new hot prospect list. Sometimes you can add it as an option or even as a replacement for a call to your company or an outsourced call center.

5. Follow up

Your webinar will become the center of many marketing activities. Different lists of people are created for different types of follow-up marketing:

Anyone buying or grabbing a replacement promotion you ask for. Anyone on the hot list who doesn't complete their purchase or promotion. Anyone who watched the webinar but didn't go on the hot list. Anyone who registered but didn't attend the webinar

In addition to your own direct follow-up via email, text, email, and phone, you can use Facebook and Google to perform automated retargeting. A follow up message can literally follow the person nearby.

6. Stick and lore

Whether you're using your webinar to sell a product, or to get people to request free information or to schedule an appointment, you want to instantly email them a confirmation, a confirmation of their activity, a review of the products coming to them and, if it was a purchase, a receipt. In some cases, this can also be used to offer an instant upsell to a deluxe version or larger version of what they just bought, or to set up a second sequential sale. More than ever, people want instant gratification. Even if your product is physical (not digital) and is being shipped to them, or they have made an appointment for a consultation over the phone, or want to come to your office, showroom or store, in some time it will be good to give them something that can consume them instantly. This could be an instructional video, a downloadable piece of information, a membership page – something.

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By putting your effective presentation online and wrapping these six result enhancers around it, you can get that presentation to a much greater extent than you could just by packing your laptop with your PowerPoint slides and playing Have Speech, Will Travel.

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