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6 Offered on July 4th with residence coaching gear

Get in the best shape of your life and help your business succeed.

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5, 2020

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Disclosure: Our goal is to offer products and services that we consider interesting and useful. If you buy them, Entrepreneur can get a small part of the income from the sale from our trading partners.

Staying in shape can be difficult for entrepreneurs, especially when most office gyms are closed. Fortunately, we've put together six great products to help you stay in shape without reducing your business hours. You can also make additional savings now. If you spend more than $ 50, use code JULYFOURTH15 to get an additional 15 percent off. If you spend more than $ 75, use code JULYFOURTH20 to get an additional 20 percent discount.

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1. Vortex VX3 Fluid Assist® AR water rowing machine – $ 1,800 (43 percent off) with coupon code VORTEX18

Rowing offers excellent full body training in just 15 minutes a day. With this fully adjustable resistance rowing machine, you have complete control over your training sessions. If you keep it at home or in the office, you can train quickly at any time.

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2. THE CHOPPER: Whole body workout – $ 96 (30 percent off) with promo code: JULYFOURTH20

Recommended by NFL and NBA athletes, The Chopper is an innovative, portable training solution. This device uses chopping movements to achieve full body workouts. The resistance grows depending on how you swing it, and it comes with a companion app that offers guided, personalized workouts throughout the day.

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3. Push-up machine: home training equipment – $ 72 (44 percent off) with promo code: JULYFOURTH20

Pushups are an excellent exercise, but many people don't know how to do them properly. This push-up machine helps you to put your body in the right position effortlessly and at the same time promote full freedom of movement with every push-up. In this way you will reach the highest level of muscle activation in your core, chest, shoulders and triceps. Just a few minutes and you will get an incredible workout.

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4. Aduro Sport Elite Recovery Massage Gun – $ 64 (50 percent off) with promo code: JULYFOURTH20

One of the hardest parts of a training plan is just being consistent. Workouts hurt, and if you experience muscle pain or worsening after your workout, you can use this massage gun to target them. The Aduro has four attachment heads and six intensity levels to reach every part of your body and provide relief wherever you need it.

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5. ABXCore: From machine with virtual trainer – 109.59 USD (39 percent discount) with promo code: JULYFOURTH20

ABXCore is a revolutionary training device for your abdominal muscles. With four adjustable resistors, AI technology and a companion app, this device helps you see incredible results quickly. Each core training session lasts only seven minutes a day and delivers results that you can be proud of.

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6. MoonRun: Portable cardio trainer with virtual running apps – $ 199.20 (50 percent off) with promo code: JULYFOURTH20

Don't you wanna run outside with a mask? Run in instead! MoonRun is the ingenious resistance band trainer that surrounds you and simulates running without ever going outside – and without taking up as much space as a treadmill. With the companion app, you can also run group runs, compete with friends, and more.

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