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6 causes podcast visitors are an underused advertising and marketing software

21, 2021

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Podcasting is a fast growing industry. Over 900,000 new podcasts were launched in 2020 alone. While many people focus on starting and running their own podcast, there is one untapped marketing strategy that has resulted from the rapid growth of the podcast industry: Podcast Guest.

The podcast guest appearance allows you to get another user's podcast. You'll spend 20 to 45 minutes sharing your story and adding value to the podcast audience. In return, you generate more influence and income for yourself. In just an hour a month, you could be reaching an audience you haven't reached before.

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Instead of starting your own podcast, interviewing guests, editing your show, and then promoting your podcast, you can reach out to podcast guests where the presenter does all the work and you just have to show up.

If you're new to the concept of podcast guesting, there are 6 reasons why podcast guesting is an untapped marketing tool.

1. There are an infinite number of podcasts

New podcasts appear every day, which means that you have more and more opportunities to be a podcast guest. You will never have enough interviews to make sure your company gets as much exposure as possible.

2. Establish credibility

You create credibility and thought leadership through podcasts that reach your target audience. Your audience will keep seeing your name and realizing that you have something important to say if these podcast hosts want you to be a constant guest.

I'm sure you've heard a podcast with an author who published a book and suddenly you see them on similar podcasts that you listen to.

3. Generate more customers and leads

As you build credibility and thought leadership, you build a pipeline of customers and leads.

After doing an interview on a podcast, your interview will live forever. If you recorded an interview today, in three months time someone can listen to your interview and then decide to contact your company.

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The more interviews you do, the more people you will hear, which adds to your story of resonating with someone and getting them interested in working with you.

4. Content engine

Podcasts are a content machine.

Nowadays, most interviews are conducted through zoom videos. This means you can get a copy of the interview from the podcast host.

You can take your interview and stitch the video together to create social media posts that you can then promote on your networks for even more brand authority.

You can generate content for a month from a single 30-minute podcast guest interview.

5. Backlinks to your site

Podcast presenters have a show notes section on their website. A show notes section is similar to a blog post where the podcast host works together to summarize your interview. On the show notes page, the podcast host links to your website.

When you have the host link to your website, you will get a high quality backlink. As you get more backlinks, your SEO score will increase. This means you can rank higher on Google to give your business a better look than a second page website.

6. Networking with podcast hosts

A podcast interview can be an intimate experience as you spend time with someone on a 1-on-1 basis. During the course of your interview, the host will become familiar with himself, just as you will with the host. They can find out about each other's business and what the two of you are looking for in an ideal client.

Podcast guests can help you reach out and network with podcast hosts who you normally can't talk to. The relationships can become joint venture partnerships, referral partners or even business partnerships.

Casey Botticello writes on Medium and suggests this tactic for booking yourself as a guest: "Almost every podcast has a website with contact information for the host or producer. If you haven't interacted with them online before, you can send them an E – Send mail at your pitch. It should be short – no more than a few paragraphs – but provide enough information for you to assess whether your material is a good fit. " is just one of many free services that connect podcasters and guests.

Podcast guests can be an unfamiliar experience if you've never done an interview before. However, if you want to dive into an untapped marketing strategy that will grow your business, I would recommend implementing podcast guests as part of your marketing strategy.


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