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5 steps to navigating entrepreneurship in a post-Covid period

There are few ways that aspiring entrepreneurs can thrive after the pandemic.

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22, 2020

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The opinions expressed by the entrepreneur's contributors are their own.

The world has become a place no one imagined a few months ago. It was surrounded by an outbreak of a virus that has disrupted the work of many companies, brands, and entrepreneurs. No one was ever prepared for such crucial times in the business world, and today's situations and circumstances have led companies and entrepreneurs to look inward and come to the conclusion what needs to be done now to either move to their original positions in the market to keep or thrive with the new ones normally.

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Like any other industry, the marketing sector had to go through its ups and downs in order to survive the current market situation. Many young people wanted to move to the top of their respective fields and show their talents to the world in this way. Some experts also believe that these talented youngsters still have time to act faster, but this time with more awareness, awareness and commitment to find their ways, even in the midst of the pandemic, to ultimately meet their career goals and achieve their goals wants to become an entrepreneur.

There are 5 steps that can help people navigate entrepreneurship in a post-Covid era:

1. Find new market opportunities

It is important to keep up with and keep up with changing trends in the business world. With the growing trend to go digital, (Henok) Henny Yeshanew, CEO of Lion Marketing Agency, Canada, was a marketing entrepreneur who helped small businesses transform into digital businesses through his company. Analyzing the market situation is crucial so that people can make the most of the current conditions.

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2. Network online through LinkedIn or the Lunch Club

Once entrepreneurs understand what a pandemic can mean for their business, it is important for Henok that they also recognize the importance of networking in their respective industries. It's important to keep in touch with people and other industry colleagues through media like LinkedIn and Lunch Club. Henny did the same and connected with other entrepreneurs during the quarantine. That way, people can share more ideas and strategies to make a strong comeback in the market.

3. Create a personal brand that sells your skills, not your looks

It's important to understand that business owners need to be careful about creating a personal brand that gives a more accurate and clearer picture of who they are or what their business is about. It has to speak out loud about what their skills are, not just any looks.

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4. Take advantage of initiatives and grants for social media platforms

Since the world knows that digitization is currently the only best option for most companies, it is important for them to know and use social media platforms for marketing and advertising as well. Henny recognized the importance of this and developed his company further. His team enrolled in the Facebook draft to use their skills and start a new wave in marketing.

5. Produce content about your passion or hobbies instead of consuming them

Given the ongoing trends to make the most of social media platforms and still market them through the platform, this is one of the best combinations out there in the industry. Rather than just using these social platforms, marketers like Henny have taken full advantage of platforms like TikTok to share business owners on how to start their journeys and find their success.

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