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5 secrets and techniques to constructing a profitable client app

The founder of the dating app S & # 39; More shares the funding, marketing and launch of your app idea.

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7, 2020

5 min read

The opinions expressed by the entrepreneur's contributors are their own.

S’More is a new relationship app that aims to redefine the online dating industry in the United States. Dan Bova, Editor in Chief of, and I recently sat down to talk about how my team and I developed S & # 39; More and how the company entered the top 200 on the Apple App Store in just six months is. (You can watch the video here.)

Here I've broken down the key things app developers need to know in order to achieve their own success, from raising capital to product design to marketing and building a team.

Guiding Principles for Success in Your Own App

1. Establish credibility

Everyone has this great idea that could be a billion dollar startup. While a founder doesn't need to know all the aspects of creating an app (coding, product, etc.), they do need to be able to instill confidence in both investors and talent in order to take a risk on them. In my case, I'd worked with some of the biggest names in the dating and social discovery industry for a decade. I knew what it took to be successful in this area and I could speak about it with credibility.

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2. Test concepts

Having an idea is great, but you need to have a plan. Talk to as many people as you can, whether they are friends, family, or industry experts. It's cheap and easy to set up online polls to get feedback from strangers on your concept (try Google polls) who are even more honest. Find out if the idea you think is great might be useful to others and see if it is legally viable. Use a white label app to test your concept, approach, and brand.

3. Build and position

Build a brand, not a utility app. Decide what makes your company different and special in terms of product and marketing, and make sure no one in the market is occupying that area. S’More, for example, is the app for superficial relationships, and the app contains functions that support this concept. We get you into conversations faster (no swiping), matches are not based on a selfie, 100% of profiles are checked (fighting catfishers), user behavior is assessed (to weed out bad actors). These functions support an environment of people who are looking for more than just a chance encounter. Make sure your audience cares about your positioning and that it is permanent. S & # 39; More is not about non-superficial dating, but about non-superficial relationships in general (friends, romance, chats). As long as you are authentic and not superficial, you should be a consumer of the brand for the long haul. This also means that the brand can expand into other areas.

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4. Fundraising

You have to be hectic. When I raised funds to build and start S’More, I had to have reached 200 VCs. Some were associations of friends of friends of friends; Some were names I found through LinkedIn and research. I wasn't told much. Sometimes nice, sometimes less. But I believed in what I was doing and didn't let the negative reactions or dead ends stop me. Never stop! Think about what makes you and your company different from others. Write these characteristics down, then find investors investing in those areas (i.e. country of origin, ethnic groups, areas of interest, college alum). Update your LinkedIn subscription. It will be the best investment you have ever made!

5. Hire the right team

When we started S’More, it was important that each person on the team was different from the next. S’More consists of heterosexual, gay, married and single people. And we come from countries all over the world, from South Africa to India, Canada and the USA. When building your business to serve a broad and global audience, you need to consider the needs, perspectives, and experiences of all types of people. It's so much more than responsible business practice – it's just smart business. We are building a global product so it is important that our team reflects the people who use our app. We have also hired a team of All-Stars who are specialists in their fields from some of the best companies in the country including Luminary, Gilt Group, Advantage Media, Diageo, Deloitte and others. Personality is important! Make sure you hire people you enjoy working with for hours because that's the reality! Network as often as you can to meet as many all-stars as possible. Attend industry conferences and meet-ups (virtual versions work too!).

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The best advice I could ever give a budding entrepreneur is never to stop. People will question you until the cows get home and you will often guess your decisions. Stay focused and surround yourself with the brightest, most talented people you can. If you don't know something, be resourceful. There are great free resources to use and participate in. The world needs constant disturbance and there is no time like the present. So go out there and get on with it!

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