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5 methods a digital marketer can improve your on-line attain

22, 2020

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This article was written by Kay VanAntwerpen, an entrepreneur NEXT, who is supported by an assembly expert. If you want to take the next step in your company, we recommend you take a look at Assemble's Entrepreneur NEXT.

In today's world, where people are glued to their devices to work and play, devices with an Internet connection are the main platforms for delivering advertising. According to the PEW Research Center, 28 percent of American adults are "almost constantly" on the Internet, while 45 percent say they use it "several times a day" – meaning that 81 percent of Americans use the Internet frequently every day.

If your company has not yet established its digital presence, you can be almost certain that your competitors will reach your customers first. 81 percent of consumers do online research before buying. However, this is not the only reason why you need a digital presence. Digital marketing is more than just being on the Internet. Instead, you can use the web to become a powerhouse for revenue generation, customer loyalty, and brand awareness.

It's not difficult to optimize your digital presence, but it takes time, a coherent and precise strategy, and the core competence – digital marketing is not just a skill that you can learn in no time.

Hiring a full digital marketing department is often inappropriate, especially for small businesses. The average salary for a digital marketing manager alone is $ 69,755. For this reason, many companies turn to small agencies like Assemble, The MOM Project and TopTal, which we discussed in an earlier article.

Here are five ways a digital marketer can help improve your business.

1. Precision email marketing funnel.

Almost 294 billion emails are sent and received every day, but email campaigns are unique. If done correctly, your readers will stick to every word and look forward to your correspondence like an old pen friend. If your emails are performing poorly, they will be thrown in the trash before opening them. Often this only annoys your potential customers.

A properly executed email campaign not only attracts attention, but also builds a concrete relationship with your potential customer by providing interesting and valuable content, exclusive offers and more and ultimately turning your readers into customers.

When processing your emails, a good digital marketer will:

Curate and delete email lists and remove inactive email addresses.

Design engaging email campaigns that increase brand awareness and consumer confidence.

Develop alternative email campaigns for specific lead types.

Design email layouts to match your brand aesthetics and messaging.

Develop leads through email communication with potential customers.

2. High digital visibility.

As already mentioned, most customers do some kind of online research before buying. When you reach your visibility goals, you'll be the first name when a customer does product research. If you do nothing, your competition will be shown first.

To be visible on the web, you need an artful presence in social media, precise SEO (search engine optimization) and perfect mobile responsiveness on all your digital platforms. A good digital marketer knows how to work where all of these factors overlap. They ensure that you are the first name that comes up when a customer searches for products or services in your area. They also ensure that your name appears in reputable sources and that your reputation speaks for itself.

3. Data driven analysis.

Sure, you may get a lot of likes in your Facebook posts, and your blog may get some approvals here and there, but these are just “vanity metrics” – ultimately, it can be difficult to tell whether you get them or not any tangible return on yours Investment.

Fortunately, digital marketers don't treat their field as a nebulous art form that can only be qualified abstractly (the stuff is for painters and musicians). Instead, they work in the area of ​​concrete statistics and data analysis. A good digital marketer not only tracks your numbers, but also ensures that they improve over time. Some of the statistics you should see are:

Organic, direct, referral, social and paid traffic

Clickthrough rates (CTR)

Macro and micro conversions

Consumer engagement

Website speed

4. The power of customer loyalty and reputation management.

Social media is one of the most basic ways the internet is reviving the marketing game. Your customer base can communicate with you at the push of a button. Important social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are required. You can't just exist on these websites – you have to actively use them to reach your customers. A strong stream of social media traffic means nothing if you can't turn these visitors into customers.

An experienced digital marketer can do more than just keep your posts up to date. You will personally deal with your audience, listen to their wishes and needs and react in a way that not only makes the customer happy, but also creates a positive reputation for your company.

That brings us to one of the most overlooked elements of social media: reputation management. In the digital age, the news of a negative customer experience is spreading almost instantly. Consider review sites like Yelp and Yahoo Reviews, and it seems like one bad day could become a permanent black mark on your digital reputation.

Not so with an experienced digital marketer. While monitoring customer feedback and conversation, your marketer talks directly to disgruntled customers and helps you resolve their issues quickly and decisively.

5. Valuable and useful content.

The creation of content is the crème de la crème of digital marketing. Triple the leads of conventional marketing formats are achieved with 62 percent of the costs. The creation of content brings your audience to you.

However, it is easy to create content incorrectly. Too many companies are caught in the prototypical "advertising trap", in which every content they publish feels like an obvious call to business, without providing the consumer with valuable information or entertainment. Recurring viewers are not created.

When you ask what kind of content your company needs, think about the content you want to consume. Ideally, good web content is entertaining, but above all it should be useful.

This is where a digital marketer can be most useful. They help you to create content that you position as experts and thought leaders in your industry. This content can come in all shapes and sizes, including:

Blogs and ArticlesPodcasts Videos Guest Articles Webinars AppsDigital Contests

As you may have put together, content creation is an art form. This is another reason why a professional does the job – poorly created content rejects a customer faster than bad bananas.

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