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& # 39; Mujeres Investiendo & # 39; is formally based and is beginning a fundraising marketing campaign in Donadora

The group sought to build a private equity industry with more women involved in investment decisions and formalized its business operations by establishing itself as a civil association.

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5, 2020

4 min read

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Women Investing was born with the goal of achieving a fairer private equity industry.

More than 5 years after it was founded, the non-profit group “Mujeres Investiendo” is formalizing its activities as a civil association.

Mujeres Investiendo was born with the aim of achieving a fairer private equity industry. The organization aims to have more women play an active role in the investment decision-making process and the leadership positions that shape the industry in Mexico.

The results of the AMEXCAP study on diversity and inclusion in private capital (EDIC, 2020) demonstrate the lack of gender equality in the industry. For example, the study suggests that there are still funds that have no gender diversity and inclusion programs or strategies in place (71%), and that 22% of funds in the country do not have a woman on their investment team.

On the other hand, a study by the International Finance Corporation ("IFC" for the acronym in English) has shown funds with gender-balanced teams have a net internal return excess of 1.7 percentage points above average, demonstrating the correlation between different teams and high returns.

"We must drive economic development through gender equality. With purchasing power of more than $ 18 trillion, women have the power to change the world economy," said Stephanie von Friedeburg, IFC's chief operating officer, on March 8th the "bell for" equality of gener or ".

Mujeres Investing focuses on three main pillars:

Generate community: Serving as support and support for all who are used by their contact network. Expand capacities: through discussions and training with specialists. Improve Visibility: Generate data on the participation of women in the private capital and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Mexico as investors, administrators, consultants, entrepreneurs, business women, etc.

“Our goal is to give visibility to women who are already in the industry and to support more young women working in Private Capital in Mexico. You cannot be what you cannot see, ”said Anna Raptis, current president of Mujeres Investiendo.

Today Mujeres Investiendo launched a public crowdfunding campaign on the Donadora platform to finance the formalization and start-up of the civil association. Here you can make donations starting at $ 500 million and get exclusive access to rewards from the national entrepreneurship community for those who can make greater contributions.

“Not so long ago, the women involved in the country's VC and PE ecosystem could be counted on one hand. We're changing that, ”commented Tricia Treviño, Senior Associate at Promecap.

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