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35 Month-to-month Challenges to Enhance Your Life-style and Funds

It's common to set financial and fitness goals at the beginning of each month when looking for opportunities for improvement. You might want to drink more water, earn a promotion, or start a new sideline to earn extra income. However, it can be difficult to try a new habit or break an old one without a little motivation. In addition, it takes an average of 66 days to implement a new routine.

One way to tackle these obstacles is to achieve your goals and create fun challenges for yourself. Here are 35 monthly challenges to inspire you to create routines every day.

From tracking your expenses to building your career, you face a few challenges. Read on or skip each section to see which ones you want to adopt this year.

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Budget challenges to spend less and save more

If you're looking to save up for a big purchase or build your savings account, a 30-day, no-spend challenge can get you on the right track. Try one of our budget challenges below to reset your financial goals or test your spending habits.

1. Zero food out

On average, people spend over $ 2,000 on take-away groceries each year. Avoid the financial burden of eating out by trying your hand at cooking. Cook, eat and drink at home for every meal of the month. Delete all of your food delivery apps and stock your fridge with affordable, healthy snacks to cure sudden food cravings.

2. Track your expenses

You may not know where your money is going each month. If so, you are not the only one. 65 percent of Americans don't know how much they spent last month. In order to watch your money, start tracking your money daily. Create an account in the Mint app and link all of your cards and accounts. Check your account every morning to see which categories are costing you the most.

3. Try a month without spending

Test your spending habits with a month without spending. Use our printable list of the expenses you need for the month, such as: B. Payments for groceries, gas and bills. Then reduce unnecessary purchases from your budget for 30 days – e.g. B. Take-away coffee, retail therapy, or housewares that generate a high bill.

4. No retail shopping

If a month of no-spending seems too aggressive, try skipping just retail shopping instead. Glitz and glamor are appealing until your savings accounts suffer. To increase your savings or invest more, cut out all unnecessary retail purchases for 30 days. Navigate to the "This Month" tab of the Mint app to easily keep track of your spending habits.

5. Pay only in cash

Limit the temptations of only carrying cash so that you can only spend what you have on hand. Cut open your credit cards or leave them at home when you have a drink, coffee, or shop with loved ones. After returning home, you don't have to worry about spending too much.


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Career challenges to increase your experience and salary

Once you've settled into your career, you may be itching to add to your resume. Take on a new challenge to familiarize yourself with thinking outside the box. Try our favorite challenges below to build new skills and realign your focus at work.

6. Avoid social media while at work

The average person spends 144 minutes on social media every day. If that time cuts your working hours, it can steal your focus and hinder your career growth. Instead of scrolling through your feed, focus your attention on more valuable work – work. Silence your phone while you work and leave it in the other room. Continue building this habit during work hours to refine your focus and avoid impulse buying on social media.

7. Meal Prepare your lunch

It's easy to keep yourself busy with work tasks – especially if you work from home. You may be at your desk more often than at a kitchen table when you eat. This feels more productive, but studies show that eating at your desk actually affects your productivity. Boost your creativity by stepping away from your desk for 30 days and enjoying an inexpensive home-cooked meal.

8. Make a new connection every week

Expanding your professional network can lead to new opportunities. Learn important lessons from industry leaders or start a business with those who share the same goals as you. To grow your professional relationships, connect with people online or through networking events every week. Challenge yourself to reconnect every week for a month.

9. Work breaks into your daily routine

If you split up your work day, you will increase your focus and productivity. You will most likely find that your creative ideas come to you as you exercise or relax at the end of your day. Take a 15-minute walk each day to clear your mind and come up with innovative ideas. If you don't enjoy running, try stretching or meditating to get your creative juices flowing.

10. Read a chapter of a book every day

Reading is a great way to learn something new and expand your vocabulary. However, there are times when you may deport it if your schedule overflows. Take the time to read by adding it to your daily morning routine. Wake up 20 to 30 minutes earlier than normal to read a chapter of a book. This can help you feel more productive and ready to excel at work.

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Secondary challenges in building your portfolio

Break out of your routine and start making extra money doing a side business. You could expand your expertise, build your resume and savings, and open the doors to a new career. Consider starting a new sideline every week.

11. Start a blog (and publish it once a week)

Do you have something that you are passionate about? Reading, writing, exercising or doing handicrafts can come to mind. Write about it and start earning passive income blogging! Challenge yourself to blog and post a new post weekly. Before building your website, come up with 10 ideas and sign up for an affiliate program. Use this opportunity to express your creative side and make money at the same time.

12. Walk dogs once a week

It's always nice to end the day with a nice walk and some fresh air. If you go for a walk often, turn it into a sideline. Sign up for apps like Rover to connect with dog parents who need a helping hand. When you're signed up, set a monthly goal for dog walking. Start by walking dogs once a week and work up to two or three times a week.

13. Try a new sideline every week

Blogging, dog walks, or Ubering may already be sideline activities that you have tried. Look for additional home-making opportunities to expand your interests. Renting out your guest room or driving for a grocery delivery service might be of interest to you. You could find your next career venture and make some extra cash in the meantime.

14. Sell your clothes online

Your old ball gown, suit, or old boots that you once wore may be taking up space in your closet. Get rid of the old items and create new ones by clearing out sentimental clutter. Sign up for apps like Poshmark, The RealReal and thredUP to sell your used items. Clean up a new area of ​​your home every week. For example, one week you decode your wardrobe and the next week your shoes, coats and dressers.

15. Start a YouTube channel

Share your passions with a virtual crowd! You can record, edit, and upload tutorial, fashion, education, or vlog videos on YouTube. Challenge yourself to upload once a week, on the same day, and at the same time. During the month you can promote a new community of followers who have the same interests as you. Once you hit 5,000 hours, you can start generating advertising revenue from each video.

30 day challenge intentions

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Lifestyle challenges start today

The simplest changes can have a huge impact on our daily lives. Another glass of water will keep you energized, and cooking dinner at home will help you meet your savings goal. Try a lifestyle challenge to add a twist to your weekly routines.

16. Take the stairs

Moving your body will keep you productive, increase your happiness, and produce more energy. You may be able to overcome your afternoon break-in by taking the stairs via the elevator. Improving your mood and decreasing brain fog can also deter emotional spending habits.

17. Drink a little more water

Water is great for every part of your body, but keeping up with your water intake can be difficult. Make it a fun challenge to get yourself used to drinking a healthy amount of water again. Try to drink one more glass of water each day than you did last until you reach your daily goal. You will likely feel fresher, less hungry, and more energetic.

18. Try a new workout at home

There are various free exercise programs right at your fingertips. To save yourself a gym membership, exercise at home. Set up a training area in your living room, guest room or on your balcony. Research different home workouts on YouTube and do them every day. On days when you are sore or shabby, try a yoga session. Try a high-intensity training video on other days.

19. Clean up after you are done

A clean living area feels like you've figured out your life. To keep your home clean, put everything away after use. Test yourself, for example, by cleaning your dishes immediately after a month. Go a step further by making your bed every morning after you get up.

20. Cook a new recipe each week

Test your cooking skills. Instead of going to your favorite restaurant or ordering, challenge yourself to prepare a new meal at home every week. Try making your favorite sushi, pasta, or Mediterranean dish. Keep practicing these skills to learn new recipes and eat more often.

Additional 30 day challenges

There is a challenge for everyone – you may not have found exactly what is right for you. Read on to see which of our monthly challenges are your favorites. Then, highlight your calendar and invite your friends to take part in a monthly challenge with you.

23. Make your bed every morning
24. Future self-journal before work
25. Wake up 30 minutes before you have to
26. Try to perform random kind actions for 30 days
27. Eat vegetables with every meal
28. Take bubble baths daily
29. Treat yourself to daily facials
30. Keep calm and meditate every day
31. Write a letter to someone new every night
32. Sit at a table to have something to eat at each meal
33. Take a picture of something that makes you happy every day
34. Take 10,000 steps a day
35. Swap soda for sparkling water

Put yourself and your spending habits to the test with a monthly challenge. You may end up being more budget-conscious and more focused on your spending. These lifestyle changes can help you add more cash to pay off debts or add your savings on a home. Before you know it, you're going to check off your 2021 goals with a few monthly challenges.

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