10 outrageous predictions for the mortgage trade in 2021

"25 percent of all mortgages (mostly in cities like Austin, San Francisco, and Denver) are in Bitcoin (BTC). The mortgage is" tokenized "on a blockchain," said Harsha Naidu, Tavant's head of artificial intelligence. "Tranches of a loan are sold as BTC addresses that are packaged together on the secondary market and linked to a BTC Exchange Trade Fund."

Naidu also sees lenders changing the way they rate borrowers due to the coronavirus. "The underwriting process for credit is going to change drastically and 'health scores' include how, 'you have the vaccine, you are in good physical and mental health, more points for you;' the rationale is you stay alive, keep a job, and pay back the loan. "

And social media could also have an impact on underwriting. "Facebook will use all of your data and provide pre-approved home loans. It will be proposed through mockups and based on your posts, photos and information submitted," Naidu said.

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