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10 enterprise concepts for entrepreneurial mothers

If you're a mom who wants to become an entrepreneur, we bring you a dozen ideas that are perfect for your lifestyle.

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1. Accompaniment for older adults

By 2030, the National Population Council (Conapo) estimates the number of older adults at 20.4 million, which is 14.8% of the population. This sector requires support from the company in daily activities such as going to the doctor, buying the pantry, reading, or just going for a walk. Form a team of mature people who can offer this service for a few hours a day. You must first pass a choice and trust filter before you start delivering any services.

2. Comprehensive therapy for adolescents

The myth that only crazy people go to the psychologist was gradually eradicated. These types of professionals are specialists in overcoming childhood emotional impact or achieving better communication with adolescent children. Create a one-on-one therapy business or weekend group workshops for teens. Through this service you can address topics such as self-esteem, socialization and career choice, among other things. Hire a few start-up psychologists, then hire more people.

3. Regularization of the school

Six out of ten students who complete elementary school in public or private schools in Mexico have poor education as they are at the first of four levels determined by the National Institute for the Evaluation of Education (INEE) as assessed by PLANEA Basic training was defined. Start a business that contributes to the children's learning process with regularization courses. Hire a base of qualified teachers and offer your services at home.

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4. Jams without sugar

Type 2 diabetes isn't just seen in overweight adults with bad eating habits: it has already reached children due to childhood obesity. Make and sell sugar-free jams or jellies. Doing this is a relatively simple process that you can do at home as a complementary task. You can add value to your offer by only using organic products.

5. Blog for mothers

According to Inegi, there are 32.8 million Mexican mothers; most of them of productive age. This universe needs advice ranging from postnatal recovery to raising, feeding, or helping children with their daily performance. Therefore, creating a portal that caters to this audience is a good business option. Offer tips and share your experiences. It sells ad space with brands that focus on the niche of children or women. You can also include a classified area for business mothers to advertise. You will receive a regular fee from them. Rely on social networks to get your blog published.

6. Installation of the night sky

Watching the stars in the sky is one of the most relaxing activities there can be. Unfortunately, environmental and light pollution don't always make this experience possible. It offers families the installation of a starry sky in their bedrooms through special materials that only work when a room is darkened. Be careful: the effects can last more than eight years. Join a company that markets these types of products and become their distributor.

7. Ecological centerpieces for parties

In a country like Mexico, where the festive atmosphere seems to be part of our DNA, making eco-friendly centerpieces for parties can be good business. To begin with, you need to train in pot design. Then offer your creations for certain celebrations such as weddings or XV years. Your added value: models made from materials that do not harm the environment, such as henequen, clay, stones, wood, ceramics and textiles. Form alliances with sustainable suppliers.

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8th Haute Couture Workshop

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office (Profeco) points out that the wedding dress makes up 11.9% of the total budget of a wedding. This item of clothing can cost several thousand pesos, although the agency says the average cost Mexican women make for this item is $ 26,000. Set up a haute couture workshop and offer the manufacture and design of this type of clothing. Don't forget to include XV years and cocktail dresses. You can also add headdresses and textile souvenirs to your catalog.

9. Hand-painted tennis shoes

The creative industry is listed as one of the top five industries for international projection, and Mexico ranks 18th in the world as a creative product exporter with more than $ 5.1 billion. This makes it the only Latin American country in the top 20, according to a report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Enter this industry with the manufacture and marketing of hand-painted tennis shoes. Sell ​​them through an e-commerce. To stand out from the competition, you can create designs from the iconic films. Don't forget to create a Facebook page and keep your designs updated on Pinterest and Instagram.

10. Direct sales of nutritional supplements

The Mexican Direct Sales Association notes that 47% of sales made with this system are in the food sector. Start with a company that offers you the opportunity to start a business with a low investment. Bet on brands with extensive experience in the market who also offer training to improve your performance. To attract loyal consumers, organize activities that add value. For example a nutrition club. And above all, you know the advantages of your products.

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