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10 apps to maintain your corporation operating easily in the summertime

12, 2021

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Disclosure: Our goal is to offer products and services that we find interesting and useful. When you buy them, Entrepreneur can receive a small portion of the revenue from the sale from our trading partners.

Technology is a great asset for entrepreneurs, but it can quickly become expensive. Fortunately, we've rounded up 10 on-sale apps that will keep your business running smoothly. When you spend $ 75 on our Nationwide Spring Savings promotion, you'll also get $ 10 in store credit to help bring even more technology to your business. Check out some of today's deals.

1. Sellful White Label Website Builder & Software

If you feel that a customer's needs cannot be met on a single platform, then you need Sellful. With this white label website builder, you can manage everything from email and social media marketing to payroll, invoicing and much more. Combine all aspects of your business in one place, regardless of your industry.

Get Sellful for $ 79 (Reg. $ 840), a savings of 90 percent.

2. Provide: Increase conversions and site growth

Social evidence can make a huge difference in your website's conversion rate. Provify allows you to incorporate social proof alerts into your website to view discounts, capture leads, get testimonials and reviews on the surface, and much more with a single, simple code.

Get Provify for $ 79 (Reg. $ 299), a savings of 73 percent.

3. LingvaNex translator

As your business grows, you may find yourself doing business in other languages. With LingvaNex, you can quickly and easily translate text, speech, images, websites and documents into more than 112 languages, eliminating the need for a translator.

Get LingvaNex Translator for $ 79.99 (Reg. $ 399), a savings of 80 percent.

4. Creativity 365

For the creative entrepreneurs out there, Creativity 365 makes it easy to be as efficient and productive as possible on the go. This tool makes collecting information, creating content, and publishing content easy and efficient. It's an all-access pass for apps like Animation Desk, Write-On-Video, NoteLedge, Markup, Pocket Scanner and more.

Get Creativity 365 for $ 79.99 (Reg. $ 299), a savings of 73 percent.

5. Document 365

If you combine many documents and formats in your company every day, you will love Document 365. This mobile-friendly workspace is a comprehensive cross-device document solution that improves your productivity. It includes the best of Kdan's best mobile and desktop PDF reader apps and more to make working on the go more seamless than ever.

Get Document 365 for $ 79.99 (Reg. $ 299), a savings of 73 percent.

6. Edraw Project Software

Project management often requires a visual element. Edraw Project is an easy-to-use project management tool that allows you to quickly create custom, interactive Gantt charts. You can also schedule tasks, monitor every aspect of your project, and actively track your progress.

Get Edraw Project Software for $ 89.99 (Reg. $ 179), a savings of 49 percent.

7. QuickEmailVerification

Your email list is only as good as the email addresses on it. Obviously right? Well, a lot of lists are littered with duplicates, old emails, or broken links. QuickEmailVerification allows you to bulk upload your list to get rid of erroneous emails and ensure your list is as efficient as possible.

Get QuickEmailVerification for $ 148.99 (Reg. $ 299), a savings of 50 percent.

8. Degoo Premium Mega Backup

All business owners need reliable cloud backup so that they can't start over after a computer crash. With Degoo's Premium Mega Backup Plan, you get 15 TB of storage, secure end-to-end encryption, and support for unlimited devices so you'll never lose files again.

Get Degoo for $ 149.99 (Reg. $ 4,320), a savings of 96 percent.

9. Zuitte 50+ tools for entrepreneurs

Why spend money on multiple different apps when you can get 50+ tools at once? Zuitte was specially developed for the modern online entrepreneur. With more than 50 individual tools such as SEO research, social media marketing, lead management, accounting and much more, Zuitte is a suite that masters them all.

Get Zuitte for $ 199 (Reg. $ 9,480), a savings of 97 percent.

10. QuickBooks®

Get the world's leading accounting software for more than $ 100 off. QuickBooks Online Essentials is designed for service-minded businesses that bill for their time. With this platform, you can track billing status, record payments, create recurring payments and much more – all through the app.

Get QuickBooks for $ 323 (Reg. $ 479), a savings of 90 percent.

And remember, this limited-time promotion will give you $ 10 credit within 14 days of purchase if you spend at least $ 75 in the store, if your total after a return is greater than $ 75 .

Subject to price changes.

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