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You may view historical creatures in AR utilizing the Google Arts and Tradition app

The Cambropachycope will haunt my dreams.

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25, 2020

2 min read

This story originally appeared on Engadget

For years, Google has developed 3D models that you can view and manipulate in the real world using smartphone-based AR. Tigers, Velociraptors, Iron Man, and even Childish Gambino – I enjoyed conjuring them all up from the comfort of my living room. A cambropachycope? No thank you. The latest AR offering from Google is an ancient crustacean with a big black eye covered in tiny lenses. It's a fascinating piece of history that is absolutely terrifying too – especially when it's sitting on your desk or coffee table and staring at you like an abandoned design by Aliens or Prometheus.

If you're a scared cat like me, you might appreciate some of the other animals that Google has prepared in partnership with Moscow's State Darwin Museum and London's Natural History Museum. These include the aegirocassis, a marine animal that lived 480 million years ago, a spotted trunk fish that lived in reefs, and a digital replica of the whale skeleton that is currently hanging on the ceiling of the Hintze Hall of the Natural History Museum. All of this can be viewed through the Google Arts & Culture app, encyclopedic software that also has art galleries, cave paintings, and the Apollo 11 command module in AR.

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