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You Have By no means Failed Something: Right here's Why Perception in Your Failure Controls Your Relationship With Cash

7, 2021

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I could rave about making money strategies. I live for this stuff and I love teaching others what worked for me. Seeing the results come for her makes me incredibly happy.

Just as important – if not all the more important – is focusing on getting rich.

I should start with that: I'm not talking about specific strategies here. Trust funds, investor portfolios, and the like are all well and good, but what we need to get right is you, first and foremost!

I've learned the hard way that I am at the center of my universe and have never failed at anything.

I'm not saying this from a narcissistic point of view. I mean it literally: my life is seen through my eyes. How I experience the world has to be filtered through me and my senses, i.e. who I am and how I interpret what is going on dictates the experiences I draw from it.

We are all guilty of misinterpreting situations and other people's intentions. If we're honest with ourselves, we probably do it on a regular basis. Others will no doubt have done it to you in the past. However, if we can take on that responsibility, understand that our power lies in the choices we make about our interpretation of everything around us: we become unstoppable.

Your relationship with money

But how does this knowledge relate to the preservation of wealth?

You need to find out who you will be in terms of how you interpret the world when you get rich. What will a day in your life be like? How do you react when the bills land in the mailbox?

Lots of people don't. You remain a person spiritually in a state of lack that even though you have money, you are still stressed by spending. Inevitably, this means that they are resistant to investment opportunities and view their money as a finite resource. The reality you create for yourself is one of distrust.

Something that I get my students and customers to write a love letter for money as part of their training. The personification of money is critical to understanding who we are when it comes to understanding our relationship with money, where the emotional blocks are, and what we need to overcome.

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As with all of our other experiences, money has no more emotional weight than what we attach to it.

It's just an intermediary. A medium of exchange. Those who call it "the root of all evil" overlook the point that it requires human action and intervention for evil deeds to be carried out on its behalf.

It is often mistakenly assumed that poor management of their money gets rich people where they are. That just doesn't hold up for any reason other than the little inflation thing! If you sit on a pile of money long enough, the reality is that it becomes practically worthless. You have to invest it to make it grow, and you have to make it grow faster than inflation. But quite apart from that; Penny pinching and thrift are hardly winning mindsets when it comes to being rich!

What is the energy of a rich person?

You may know some of them. Are they in short supply or are they paying for things without first calculating their future balance in their heads and worrying about being able to afford their groceries? You probably give very leniently to people who aren't concerned about where the money is coming from to pay for what they want to do. This could be due to inherited wealth or because they trained enough to know how to raise capital.

The point is, it's your relationship with money that makes you a rich person! You don't even have to have a high net worth per se. It's more about their relationship with the universe and the trust that they will be taken care of. In addition, they understand the difference between managing their money well and managing it tightly.

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Why you have never failed at anything

The kind of frivolous and foolish behaviors that people display when they start to succeed pull them back to the point in the end. This is certainly an observable reality and indicates people who have not mentally prepared to get rich.

But I would go one step further and say that there is actually no such thing as "sabotage behavior". What I mean by that is that thanks to their subconscious programming, people return to typing quite often. These acts of "self-sabotage" are not really a mistake. The mind does not lose – you are carrying out a plan perfectly, you are just not carrying out the one that will serve your consciously chosen outcome.

Again, this is about regaining your power as the sole architect of your experience. You have to recognize this if you want to change your life permanently!

Building and maintaining wealth is only one aspect of it

If we remember that we are the filter of information, we must possess it. If we leave any aspect of it to others, we are simply giving up our power. It's so tempting to give up responsibility for our lot in life, but it's like leaving your subconscious on cruise control and then letting go of the wheel.

That's not to say that you have to spend every waking moment consciously choosing every aspect of your life. Nobody has the time or willpower to do that, and it would be a pretty miserable life. Nor is it about claiming that external forces beyond our control do not exist. What you need to do is set up your subconscious mind to run with new programming that will make the decisions you want.

You have no doubt heard of the reticular activation system and how it works in your brain. It's a filter that lets you focus and see only the things that help you achieve your goals. As a caveman or cave woman, this was probably more geared towards finding food and shelter, but the same prehistoric system lives within us today.

I'm sure you've had the experience of buying something, maybe a car, and then marching out into the world, feeling very special just to see the same car every few minutes. I recently became a father and now I see parents and expectant mothers everywhere I go. I'm sure they've been there before, but I wasn't prepared to see them because I had other subconscious programs running the show.

If you can get this filter to look for evidence to support the life we ​​want, you can regain your power in a very practical way. The methods and practices for doing this are innumerable, but the simplest is gratitude.


Start practicing gratitude for what you have and setting up your reticular activation system to notice more that you can be grateful for. Do this consistently and you will lose your limiting beliefs about money and your power to make it happen. You will naturally feel abundant in every area of ​​your life.

Sounds weird, I know, but trust me – it works. They say it takes three weeks for something to become a habit, so give it a try. What do you have to lose? Before starting your day, make it a morning practice to get up and immediately write down the five most important things you are most grateful for.

Try it for three weeks and you will see a difference.

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