Why us?

Why you should order your paper at new-papers.com?

There are thousands of writing services right there in front of you. So, why choose New Papers as your content provider?

The answer is quite simple: Because we are the most reliable.

New Papers is your best choice of writing service because we can provide you with everything. There is rarely a writing service that can do what we can. Some services base their work on their writers, some on their quality customer service. Others put focus on most advanced software that allows them to provide you with 100% plagiarism-free content. Others base their offers on a price that is good for your pocket.

That is not enough. If a content provider does not combine all these qualities in every piece of work they complete and deliver to clients, that is simply not enough.

You are a student and find it hard to complete the incredibly big amount of tasks given by your professors. To be even more complex, every task you have carries great importance in your academic success and you cannot miss a deadline if you want to succeed. Additionally, you need to provide well-researched, original papers to every professor in order to distinguish yourself from the other students. What you must do is choose New Papers as your writing service and friend in trouble.

Our Writers are the Best

The biggest strength of our company comes from our team of writers. When we started hiring, we looked for the most experienced writers with either MA or PhD. Additionally, we widened our search and looked for experts in any possible area you may need a writing in. This is how we are able to provide you with essay on any topic you will request.

Our writers have gone through training and are known for their friendly, helpful and positive manners. We pick the writer for your content according to the niche, type of paper and deadline. Whatever your deadline is, we can meet it.

We Have an Impeccable Customer Service

Many writing services take your order and provide your content without any particular share of information. This is why we have created a 24/7 customer service. Our impeccable group of professional, informed employees will answer any question you have about the work we do and do it promptly. You can rely on our assistance at any time, for anything you may need.
The customer service is fully informed on any information a client may ask for. What we promise is accurate, up to date information about your requested content, its progress and delivery time.

Our Content is 100% Unique

We do have the most advanced plagiarism detection software, but we use it only for guarantee. The truth is, our writers have never copied information from any source or used quotation from others without referencing it. So we never really needed this software. But we got it anyways. Every essay we provide goes trough editing and plagiarism-checkers, just to make sure that you are provided with 100% original content.

We write every essay from scratch. We do not copy, plagiarize or re-write content from other sites. Unlike many other content providers, we have writers that know how to write a completely new paper that will surely get you success and good grades.

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We do excellence for an affordable price. With students as our main clients, we are aware that prices can be too steep sometimes. This is why we have set prices that will both fit your budget and our effort. Being the best on the market, New Papers offer prices that reflect the work we are doing. We will provide you with content of top quality and do so for an affordable price.

Make sure you request a piece of writing as soon as the assignment is given. Being reckless with your assignments and requesting immediate assistance may cost you much more. We will assist you whenever you need us because we work with tight deadlines, too. However, planning ahead is much better option for your budget.

We Deliver Every Essay on Time

You may order an essay from some writing service and receive good content, but too late. The reason for this is because businesses often take up tight deadline projects because of the higher price and do not manage to meet the deadline because of too much work or too little staff.
We do not have this problem. Our writers are ready for your assignments at any time of the day. We do not take more than we can handle and if we accept your request, you can be rest assured that it will be delivered within the deadline you provide us with.

The only thing you have to do to enjoy our quality service is contact us. A few minutes spent with one of our employees is more than enough for you to take the day or the week off afterwards. You just have to make sure that you answer every question asked by our employee and provide us with sufficient information of what you would like your essay to look like.

The rest is up to us. As we said, we are the best. So, pick up the phone or write us a message to place your first order. If something is still unclear, contact our customer service for more information.
You can lean on our writers for your writing assignments. We have gathered all possible forces to provide students with the best essays possible. Our company does not lack in any of the necessary prerequisites for a good writing service. This is why you should choose our service.