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Why set unimaginable targets for 2021? [The Ultimate New Year’s Savings Hack]

In the 1980s, self-driving cars and smartphones with no antennas were just things you'd see in movies – unimaginable futuristic targets. These “impossible” inventions are part of everyday life. These innovative ideas were thought to have failed years ago, until developers like Elon Musk and the IBM team put their impossible goals to the test.

Impossible goals are things that you want to achieve that seem out of the ordinary – those that feel like you will never achieve them, even in your wildest dreams. These goals could be converting your dream job into a full-time job or building your savings from zero over the next year to buy your dream home.

While the bottom line may seem out of reach, a mixture of motivation, determination, and hard work can get you further than you think. Read our jump to our infographic below to see how to strategize and achieve your biggest life goals.

What is an impossible goal?

An impossible goal is one that you believe you can never achieve. Becoming a millionaire, buying a dream home, or starting a business may be your goal in life, but one that is too big for you to never set out to achieve. Instead, you can stick to your current routine believing you should lead a comfort zone life.

Becoming a millionaire usually takes time, confidence, and a lot of hard work – things that can challenge you. But when you think of the top performers, most of them have to make an effort and believe in themselves than anyone else did.

Looking back on 1995, when nobody believed in Amazon's “Internet shop”. While this was considered impossible years ago, Amazon now made over $ 280 billion.

In other words, if you make your impossible goals a priority, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by your progress. We'll share with you how to set tough financial goals, why you should set them, and how those goals could transform your financial portfolio this year.

4 reasons to reach for the “impossible”

Impossible goals challenge you to change your mindset – to feel comfortable outside the safety zone. They will help you streamline your focus on daunting tasks that you want to invest time and effort on. Whether you want to become a millionaire, buy your dream home, or pay off your debts, this is where you should set goals for things that you think you could never achieve.

1. You may be pleasantly surprised

Everything seems impossible until you do. When you are in elementary school, you might think a four year college degree was out of reach. Regardless, you put the time and hard work into becoming a college graduate years later. The same goes for your potential goal of writing a book. You may think that writing a few hundred pages in the next year is hopeless, but you may find it achievable by the time you're halfway through.

2. You tick the micro-goals along the way

It's difficult to set your goals too low when trying to reach for the stars. In the past, you may have set yourself small goals, such as: B. How your money is handled. While mindfulness practices are extremely beneficial for your budget, you may need to apply more pressure to save for your dream home. Setting yourself impossible goals may make it easier for you to meet your savings goal this year. You may have no idea how to do it, but your goal is to find out. Secondary jobs, a new job or starting a business are possible starting points.

3. It can't be as hard as you think

Trying something for the first time can be uncomfortable. To avoid any doubts about achieving your goals, create a strategic plan. Download and print our printable version to break down each impossible goal. Start with your big goals and break them down into mini goals. For example, if you're looking to start an online ecommerce store, finding the perfect website platform is a good place to start.

4. What do you have to lose?

If you are already leading a good life, you may have only experiences to gain and nothing to lose. If you embark on this journey, check in with yourself every month. Write down all of the lessons you have learned and how far you have come. You will most likely encounter mistakes, but you will fail forward rather than backward. Your first ecommerce product launch might not have gone smoothly, but you may know how to improve next time.

Roadmap for impossible goals

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How to set impossible budgeting goals in 6 steps

If your impossible goal is finance related, it will take your mindfulness, time, and commitment to get you on a path into your dream life. First, follow our step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: plan your dream lifestyle

Get a journal and record your dream life. Some starter questions can be:
Do you want to afford the house you have always dreamed of?
Would you like to have a certain amount of money in your savings?
Are you hoping to turn your sideline into a full-time job?
What are you dreaming of

Keep track of all of these daydreams in a notebook and create the perfect plan of action to accomplish each goal.

Step 2: Outline micro-goals to help you achieve your financial goals

Now list mini-goals to make your wishes come true. Start with the big “unreachable” goal and break it down into medium and small goals. Then assign a due date to each mini goal. For example, saving $ 10,000 this year may cost more than your current monthly income. To do this, you can create passive income streams. If that sideline is starting a blog to make money, you may need to look for steps to get your website started successfully.

Step 3: Believe and act like your future self

Think of yourself as the future self you want to be. You can envision a particular home, financial portfolio, and lifestyle, but your current actions may not reflect your future self. Your future self may invest, but your current self is too daunted to begin. To act like your future you should do your research and find low risk investments that suit you and your budget.

Step 4: if you fail, learn from your mistakes

As you work towards your dream life, you can run into roadblocks and run into mistakes. Oprah explains it this way: “There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction. “While a mistake can occur, you can learn from it and pivot. Analyze every mistake you make in your journal. Notice what worked, what didn't, and what you'd like to do better tomorrow to break that roadblock.

Step 5: Track Your Results Consistently

Hold monthly meetings with yourself to see how far you've come. Consider creating a target tracking system that suits you best. This may include checking off your budgeting goals month after month in our app. Find a system that works for you and record your growth at the end of each month. If you invest time and hard work, you will get closer to your goals in no time.

Step 6: be patient with your budget goals

Exercise patience during this journey. Setting goals can be exciting and motivating, but when faced with failure you can feel signs of disappointment. Be patient and open to learn from your mistakes in order to avoid failure. If you didn't do what you wanted your part to do in the first year, you are so much closer than you were last year.

Why should you have hard targets in your sights? Everything feels out of reach until you do it. All it takes is motivation and determination to achieve the impossible. To improve your lifestyle, budget, and New Year, set goals that feel unattainable. Read on to find out why these goals are perfect for you.

How to achieve the unattainable

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