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Why is it vital to deal with your self to moments of leisure?

14, 2021

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Did you know that a lack of sleep can weaken your immune system, increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, the tendency to gain weight, depression or anxiety, and accelerate the aging process?

Yes, sleep is important for life and rest, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are experiencing a significant increase in insomnia, stress and anxiety due to factors such as isolation and insecurity or long hours and irregularities caused by working from home , reported includes.

Every third person suffers from one or more sleep disorders, says Reyes Haro Valencia, President Emeritus of the Mexican Sleep Society, has had a negative impact on the productivity of their workers and 80% on their well-being (physical and emotional health, social relationships and financial well-being) since Stress is the main problem facing workers.

To control stress at work and in private life, Tila is created, a personal wellbeing app that will give you a guide to help you relax and rest better.

This app founded by Christian Rojas is equipped with 300 guided and programmed meditations with which you can learn to meditate at any time. It also has binaural sounds (two tones with slightly different frequencies that are aimed at relieving stress) or ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, the purpose of which is to relax) that will give you an extra something in your moments of calm.

Something else, it has original content in story format, narrated by the actor Edgar Vivar, who takes you into a world of calm, reflection and tranquility, helps you to relieve stress and anxiety and to fall asleep again.

An international day of relaxation

Relaxation is one of the great secrets to keeping our lives well-being. This Sunday, August 15th, is International Relaxation Day, a date to draw attention to the importance of integrating relaxation habits into our lives and dealing with everyday stress and anxiety.

In this context, Tila joins this celebration and is, as Christian says, "Relaxation is more than a leisure activity for our mind and body and goes beyond watching a movie, reading a book or taking a walk."

Relaxation should be viewed as our natural state as it even helps us balance metabolism, heart rate, and breathing, and relieve us of muscular and psychological tension that builds up over time.

"Practices like meditation or mindfulness work like an exercise, doing them consistently helps us develop a skill which, in this case, is to stay in the present, try to put our head and thoughts where we are wanting, in the here and this, helps us learn to disconnect for a moment, isolate thoughts and situations that can create some kind of concern, ”said psychiatrist Gina Chapa, a specialist in Tila.

How does the implementation of relaxation techniques help us?

Reduces muscle tension Promotes recovery from fatigue Helps us rest Promotes restful sleep Prevents stress, fatigue and insomnia Reduces blood pressure Creates a sense of well-being Helps improve self-esteem Reduces emotional stress Promotes the reduction of recurring negative thoughts.

Photo: Tila-App

How can you relax?

There are many techniques and activities that can promote relaxation. The recommendation of the experts is to first include some everyday exercises like breathing exercises, meditation or listening to sounds that will bring us peace as these will help us feel better and over time will become a habit that will help us to bring our thoughts back from the chaotic places they suddenly go. “In addition, it is always advisable to allow ourselves time for rest and relaxation and not have all duties and responsibilities.

What makes Tila different from the other apps on the market? Christian Rojas, its founder, says he works on a freemium model and a very affordable subscription that goes from 75 pesos per month to 699 pesos per year. In addition, natural sounds such as rain or forest were recorded in Mexico.

Tila has 50,000 downloads to date. It's available for Android and IOS and has free content so you can try it out.

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