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Why Grow to be an Extraordinary, Excessive Affect Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs play a fundamental role in economies by creating new jobs, generating economic growth, and spreading the development of new innovations. When local business communities are productive, the cities and regions in which they are based are more likely to thrive.

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27, 2021

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The boom in entrepreneurship in recent years has spawned myriad names for entrepreneurs and their businesses: startups, scaleups, unicorns, zebras, traditional, high tech, social impact and high impact companies, among others. .

This terminology relates to the development of the companies, the profile, and the rating each of them receives. However, there are several initiatives that haven't received as high ratings as the now well-known unicorn companies ($ 1,000 million), but they make a difference in their community and in returns for their investors, making their founders extraordinary entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs play a fundamental role in economies by creating new jobs, generating economic growth, and spreading the development of new innovations. It is a fact that the cities and regions they are located in are more likely to thrive when local business communities are productive.

What are effective entrepreneurs and why are they so relevant? Endeavor, a non-profit that supports these type of entrepreneurs around the world, states that they have three characteristics: They have the greatest ideas for innovation and the ability to make them happen. those who scale their business by creating significantly more wealth and quality jobs; and those who reinvest their knowledge, credibility, and financial gains in the next generation of entrepreneurs, thus multiplying their sphere of influence.

It is the last point that is most crucial and what makes a successful entrepreneur regardless of the size of the company he runs. Why? Because it encourages its own employees to grow, find new opportunities, and even start new businesses. Over the past year, many have become heroes as they found new ways to respond to adversity and meet the demands of the market.

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Fortunately, there are quite a few examples in Mexico. With its nine-year presence in the country, Endeavor has supported 249 high-profile entrepreneurs who now comprise 168 companies and create nearly 27,000 jobs.

This year, two Mexican startups were recognized as unicorn companies: Kavak and Bitso. We will certainly see more Mexican initiatives with this name in the coming months.

The important thing is that you do not start a company with the aim of being the next unicorn, but that you try to solve a need in the market with another proposal, that you dare to do things differently than what is established If you don't know how to scale your project, you'll find that as the agent of change, you have a lot more options.

Entrepreneur celebrates this May because we are celebrating 28 years after receiving our trademark registration in Mexico. On behalf of the entire team that creates this magazine, thank you for being with us. We will continue to provide you with valuable information to accompany your entrepreneurial path.

Here is a quote from Dean Graziosi, author of Millionaire Habits: "Anything is possible when you have a route, a plan, and a desire to take action."

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