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Why Clubhouse Is A Gold Mine For Entrepreneurs And Entrepreneurs Proper Now

22, 2021

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Imagine: You are entering an open space. There are a number of speakers in front of the room a few meters from you.

They all look at you when you walk into the room. There is a big sign that encourages you to raise your hand when you want to speak and it will alert you immediately. Feel welcome, raise your hand and in the next few seconds you will be invited onto the stage by a friendly usher and given a seat next to them. You take a seat and can hardly believe your luck.

Because if you sit down and find out, one speaker is responsible for over $ 10 million in sales. He's also sold enough of his own books to make the Wall Street Journal's bestseller list. Another hosts the largest conference in the social media industry and regularly reaches 90 million people with its website. And yet another is a sought-after keynote speaker who paid more than five numbers to deliver a 30-minute talk.

This is clubhouse.

And these three people are real people: Dan Henry. Michael Stelzner. Brian Fanzo.

I had the accessibility that I just described to you in individual rooms in the clubhouse.

I can't believe the power of this incredible new social media app available to marketers and entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur myself (owner of a writing agency and educational brand), I found it incredibly valuable – and I had only been in the clubhouse four days at the time of writing, but I've already spent over seven hours listening and talking.

Here are three reasons I think you should be sitting and listening at least from yesterday, one way you can use the app today to make a difference for your brand, and a "don't" – or the only downside to that I have. have found so far from clubhouse.

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1. Find your "average five" right away in the clubhouse

You know the saying: you are the average of the five people you hang out with the most.

If you're anything like me, finding "these five" can be a huge hurdle. Nobody I know in real life – well, very few – are entrepreneurs. In fact, it's extremely difficult for me to find a real person who scores an average of five benchmarks. My goal is to spend time with people who are doing better than me and Clubhouse can help with that.

In a minute I can have access to millionaires, the next minute I can talk to them live through the clubhouse "rooms" and then literally spend hours with them on my day. It's incredible. Just like that, I have my average five to hang out with, some of which multipliers do better than me.

All you have to do is join the app (by invitation now. So when you sign up, you'll have to wait to be invited or jump right in with an invite from an existing member), and follow some great people and then you will see the rooms in which they speak. You can connect these rooms with a tap of your finger and listen to live conversations from extremely successful people for the next few seconds. It's unlike any other social media app I've ever experienced.

2. Networking without pain or problems

Linkedin is so full of spam that I flinch before I open the app or go online. The moment I do, I get spammed in my DMs with tens of thousands of spaces within ten minutes. It is terrible, terrible. Personal networking is somewhat impossible. The network group I was in has been temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

Enter the clubhouse. You can enter rooms with 100, 200, 300 or more people, all of whom are looking for great conversation just like you. Many of them are open to networking and more chatting. And when you connect their profile to their other social media profiles (e.g. Instagram or Twitter), you are "in the door" with them in the clubhouse because you only chat with them live. You can also refer to this in your connection.

I networked and spoke directly to incredible speakers and entrepreneurs whom I would never have met or met without the Clubhouse. I also listened to a couple of "million dollar rooms" (where all the speakers are millionaires) and heard that people made three new deals in a day or two just for setting up their own room and speaking . (Which I would like to try out myself soon!)

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3.Low saturation (right now)

Nothing better for marketers and people who would benefit from doing business than a new social media platform with little dilution and wide reach. And that's the clubhouse for now. I'm sure in another year (or even a few months) it won't be that easy to access top-notch people, but right now access to connections and new potential viewers is insanely high. So join in while you can.

Consider hosting your own room or joining as a speaker

The real advantages of clubhouse are in speaking. And remember, nothing is recorded, it's all live so it's kind of a commitment.

"Clubhouse doesn’t provide content, but conversations." Brian Fanzo said in the room I described at the beginning of this article. I know because it was so memorable that I wrote it down.

If you can have a great conversation, you can reach new viewers in a day or less. I've seen it in rooms and it's amazing.

Don't be a fool if you have a room

On my first day in the clubhouse, I was in a room and was invited "on stage" and then it was my turn. 20 seconds after my introduction, the host cut me off and said, "So where is your question?"

I was instantly turned off, offended and upset! It was my first time speaking in the clubhouse and I wanted to go forever. Instead, I wiped it off and answered gracefully, "The question is coming!" I then finished my introduction and asked the question. The host / speaker who cut me off never bothered to speak to me again and let someone else answer my question.

There is no reason to be rude to a guest. Don't interrupt the guests you invite on stage, and be aware that some of them may be knowledgeable. My first time at the clubhouse definitely didn't mean my first time at the corporate rodeo.

Even so, the clubhouse is currently still a big plus for marketers and entrepreneurs. I recommend signing up, taking part and trying it out for yourself.

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