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WhatsApp will preserve your knowledge for 90 days after you delete the applying

Your data can be saved to restore data in the event of natural disasters, software failure, or other data loss events and to troubleshoot legal issues.

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21, 2021

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"Copies of some materials" such as system records can also remain in your database, but this is not related to personal identifiers.

The recent change in the guidelines for Facebook's own application has led many people to look for other communication alternatives. Do you want to delete WhatsApp? These are some of the things that you should know.

The messaging platform will keep your information for 90 days from the time you choose to delete it. He explains on his blog, "Copies of your information can be kept for 90 days in the backup storage that we use to restore data in the event of a natural disaster, software failure or other data loss."

This information is also not available to you on WhatsApp. However, this does not affect the information other users have about you.

The application comments that "copies of some materials" such as system records can remain in its database, but this has nothing to do with personal identifiers.

They can also retain your data to address legal issues such as condition violations or loss prevention initiatives. It is important to note that data that you share with other Facebook companies will also be deleted.

How do I delete my WhatsApp account?

Once in the application, touch "More Options" (the three dots in the top right corner under Android). On the iPhone, you need to enter the configuration nut.

Go to Settings> Account> Delete My Account.

Enter your number in international format and click "Delete My Account".

The next step will ask you to choose a reason why you want to delete your account and that's it.

Image: Screenshot via WhatsApp.

Note that this will cause you to lose access to your account with this number, your message history, and Google Drive backup.

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