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Watch Reside: The World Well being Group holds a press convention on the coronavirus pandemic as nations race to develop vaccines

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The World Health Organization is holding a briefing on Friday on the coronavirus pandemic, which infected more than 26.3 million people and killed at least 869,300 people worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Earlier in the day, the WHO told reporters that widespread vaccinations against the virus are not expected until mid-2021.

Phase 3 trials "have to take longer because we have to see how really protective the vaccine is and we also have to see how safe it is," spokeswoman Margaret Harris said, according to Reuters.

The comment comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked U.S. states to prepare for a vaccine distribution as early as November 1st. The deadline – just two days before the federal elections – was a concern among public health experts and scientists that a vaccine will be politically motivated and the White House could pressure regulators to put a vaccine on before November 3rd Bring to market.

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