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Watch dwell: New York governor Andrew Cuomo briefs the press on the outbreak of the corona virus because the state presses forward with plans to reopen

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Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo holds a press conference on the coronavirus pandemic on Friday as the state advances its final phase of reopening.

On Thursday, Cuomo said during a press conference that coronavirus infections in young people have increased compared to other age groups, which poses a threat to the state's reopening plans.

Infection rates in every age group in New York have either remained unchanged or decreased – with the exception of people between the ages of 21 and 30, the governor said. This age group has been making up an increasing proportion of new cases in the past two weeks, he said, referring to a table displayed at the press conference.

"For young people: this is not the time to fight for your right to party. I respect your right to party, I fully respect it. I would enshrine it in state law if you wanted to know. You have that Right to do so. " Party, but let's be smart, "he said.

Cuomo also said earlier this week that the state alcohol agency has suspended 27 bar and restaurant alcohol licenses for violating the rules of social distancing.

"We are very serious," he said, adding that the state has filed 410 charges against New York dining and drinking establishments.

The governor previously threatened to shut down companies that violate public health measures. Citing "significant evidence of non-compliance" in New York City restaurants and bars, he said the state would close restaurants after three violations.

Noah Higgins-Dunn
contributed to this report.

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