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Twitter is contemplating subscriptions in the midst of an promoting hunch

It is at an early stage of research into new sources of income.

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23, 2020

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This story originally appeared on Engadget

In a way, Twitter had a successful quarter with a huge increase in user numbers when the pandemic really started. Between April and June, 186 million active users could be monetized per day (plus 34 percent over the previous year). However, the company had an operating loss of $ 124 million in the quarter as advertising revenue slowed.

Against this background, the company claims to be examining sources of income other than advertising, which could also include subscriptions. However, it is still at a very early stage of research into these models and does not expect any revenue from other product types this year.

We are also in the early stages of researching additional potential sales products that complement our advertising business, including subscriptions and others. It is very early; We do not expect any revenue from them in 2020. $ TWTR

– Twitter Investor Relations (@TwitterIR) July 23, 2020

CEO Jack Dorsey said on a Thursday earnings call (via CNN) that "you'll likely see some tests this year" of different approaches. He noted that he "has a really high bar if we ask consumers to pay for aspects of Twitter." "We want to make sure that every new source of revenue complements our advertising business," said Dorsey.

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It's unclear what types of sales-enhancing products and subscription services Twitter has in mind. For example, without speculating too much, we might see the option to remove ads from the platform for a monthly fee.

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