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three methods to get extra gross sales out of your app

Getting someone to download your app is just the beginning. Now you need good marketing.

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4, 2021

3 min read

A user downloads your app. Success!

Except … why don't you use it?

To find out what is wrong, we set up and filmed an unusual consultation session between a business owner and a digital marketing consultant so you can benefit too.

Lavinia Hajji is the founder of the dance message. It's a studio that teaches dance classes, and she created a new app that customers can use to book classes – but the app isn't getting the traction they were hoping for. We connected her to Emma Bates, the former head of global marketing at Away, who is now the co-founder and CEO of the app-based company Diem.

Here are three fixes that Bates suggested:

1. Create incentives!

Even if users download your app, they may not develop a habit of using it. "Create a reason for them to do it," says Bates. For example, you can offer discounts on purchases made through the app or play the experience with special prices for every 5 or 10 purchases.

2. Segment your target audience

"For certain populations, different things drive them," says Bates. She offers a hypothesis: perhaps young women who have already taken a dance class will be motivated by a push notification, while young women who have not taken a dance class convert better after seeing influencer stories on Instagram. There's no way to predict what will work, so Bates suggests experimenting a lot. "Think about how you can get it through the funnel using different formats and then move it in different ways," she says.

3. Call your customer

A user almost bought something, but then they closed the app and never came back. Why? It's the question that plagues many entrepreneurs – and Bates says there is only one real way to find out in the beginning. "Just reach out to them," she says. Call your customer and ask why they didn't complete the purchase. Was it a bug in the app or did you just change your mind? You will learn a lot about what works and what doesn't. You can then update your app accordingly.

But this is just the beginning. For more great information on boosting your app, check out the video above.

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