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three methods to attach and construct enterprise relationships with everybody

Feeling stuck? Try these simple daily exercises to help keep your network dynamic.

3, 2020

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Networking has changed fundamentally. Zoom meetings are the new corner of Starbucks, and we're all trying to connect behind a screen. The circumstances led us to not only collect business cards. So, if you're feeling stuck, try these simple daily methods to keep your network dynamic.

Make an unforgettable impression

Pick up the phone and simply say hello to a customer, connection or colleague. Restore the relationship and become the topic of conversation – in a good way. Any chance you can give people to be themselves and not have to perform is welcomed. Phone calls seem too daunting? Send a text. In either case, you can get the conversation going. Keep it simple All you have to say is, "Hey, how are you?" Don't overthink it. Just do it.

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Leave them with something to think about

Email an article or blog post of interest that is related to the industry or the interests of your colleague or client. The MLB and NBA are returning to our televisions, the beaches are open, the events are moving to virtual formats, etc. Focus on discussing positive change rather than how things are no longer "normal". Ask questions about how things are going for them to generate new ideas, especially when there is an opportunity to collaborate.

Be the relationship maker

Make your circle smaller. Connect and introduce people through email or social media. This introduction should be non-binding. This doesn't mean someone will get a sale or a new job. It just means that two people should be introduced to find common ground. The message should be quick, precise and to the point. Explain how you both know, tell them why they should meet, and let go of it from there. Chances are they'll return the favor later.

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Remember, consistency is key. I followed this simple plan and saw my business double in the past few months. For the remainder of this year (and perhaps for the foreseeable future) we will need to continue making creative adjustments, including the way we interact with other people. Stop apologizing and find new ways to keep business and networking alive. Little things like this make a big difference in the long run. Build and expand your network and see how it pays off later.


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