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This time monitoring app is a should for entrepreneurs and freelancers

With Timemator 2 you can easily prioritize and plan your day.

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11, 2020

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Time management is essential for entrepreneurs. You don't have unlimited time in a day. So if you need to delegate tasks or reorganize your priorities, it helps to have a clear view of how you're using your time throughout the day. But looking at the clock every few minutes is not exactly a foolproof practice. Instead, trust that Timemator 2 is the ultimate time and foundation for your workday.

Timemator 2 was developed to simplify time measurement. As you work on your Mac, Timemator automatically tracks everything you do and gives you a simple breakdown at the end of the day so you can check how long it took you to complete certain tasks. You can create your own rules and set time limits for specific apps. So if you spend more time than intended, Timemator will let you know. If you need a little more time than expected, you can add timing sessions manually or edit existing ones. It's all you need to take into account how your work time is distributed, adjust your workflow, and better manage your day.

If you work as a freelancer or at an hourly rate, Timemator also makes it easier to calculate sales for tasks. Just set your hourly rate and Timemator will calculate while you're on the go, so you know how much you've earned in a day. With Timemator, you can easily organize folders and tasks like files in the Finder, so you stay in sync with all your projects all day. Automatic backups are even created so you never lose what you are working on.

Use your time better. Typically $ 39, you can get Timemator 2 lifetime access today for just $ 23.99.

Note: Timeator 2 is only compatible with MacOS devices.

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