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This Kickstarter sponsored espresso desk e book is the present that retains giving

Build stronger relationships with loved ones with this gift.

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1, 2020

2 min read

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With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it's hard to find time to sit down and really think about giving a meaningful gift this year. After all, you are probably in the middle of your busiest quarter trying to sell your product or service as gifts as well. But as they say, it is the thought that matters, and there are few gifts more thoughtful than the Book of Epiq.

This coffee table book is intended for relationship-minded adults. Each page of The Book of Epiq People has been successfully funded at Kickstarter and contains 20 repeating and thought-provoking questions you don't often ask to ask the most important people in your life. Your family and friends will reply to them so that you can learn the things you never knew while you still have the opportunity to ask questions.

Use The Book of Epiq People to encourage thoughtful conversations and build closer relationships with loved ones. With each finished page it becomes more informative, interesting and meaningful. As people write directly in the book, it becomes an especially precious gift as each page captures the true voice of those you love.

The Epiq People's Book also raised thousands of dollars to help fight Covid-19. With every purchase they donate $ 5 to help fight the pandemic. The package will also contain a special surprise gift.

Give a gift that will pass this year on. Normally $ 75, today you can get The Book of Epiq People for 21 percent off at just $ 59. You can also get two books for $ 99.

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