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This intuitive advertising app will show you how to develop what you are promoting with doodles

Capture more leads, close more deals, and get more through the funnel.

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1, 2020

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Once upon a time, your teacher berated you for scribbling in class. Well, here we are in 2020, and doodling is a valuable skill. Marketers and sellers are constantly using creative, intriguing design to turn potential customers into buyers, and they love to employ designers to do so. Studies show that doodle animations achieve up to 9 times higher conversions and 2 times higher sales compared to standard talking head videos. People love animation!

For designers and amateurs alike, there's a tool that makes doodling scalable and profitable: Zen Doodle Apps. You will likely be scribbling quite a lot throughout your quarantine period. You can actually monetize that doodling with Zen Doodle Apps.

With Zen Doodle Apps, you can create unlimited videos and video renders for clients while keeping the profit to yourself. With over five million royalty-free images and audio files, 300 pre-made templates and professional voice overs, and a flexible drag-and-drop video editing surface, you don't have to be a professional artist or designer to use Zen Doodle apps. With the easy-to-use app, you can convert any video to doodle video or convert any image to doodle video with just a few clicks. The latest AI photo background removal technology will automatically optimize it for an audience. Zen Doodle Apps has advanced doodle-style transitions, a built-in color changer, and picture-to-sketch converter so you can use just about any source to create a fantastic, interactive doodle.

With so many styles and features to choose from, you might get addicted to Zen Doodle apps. And that could only pay you.

Turn your doodles into something scalable and profitable. Currently, you can get a lifetime subscription to Zen Doodle Apps for $ 99.99, a six-month subscription for $ 59.99, or a three-month subscription for just $ 29.99.

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