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This electronic mail advertising device can improve your engagement with out rising prices

A lifetime subscription to Kirim Email only costs $ 40.

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1, 2020

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Email marketing is still the most popular, budget-friendly and effective method of digital marketing. As such, it should be an integral part of an entrepreneur's marketing strategy.

However, email marketing is not entirely infallible. Sometimes users subscribe to lists multiple times, change email addresses, or have spam filters in place to prevent your email from reaching them. With all of these obstacles, you could pay a fortune to email marketing providers and tools that are only a fraction as effective as they could be. Fortunately, there are ways to get around this.

Kirim Email is a web-based email marketing platform that can quickly solve problems like duplicate email addresses and other problems. It can help you increase customer loyalty while lowering your marketing costs. That's why more than 18,000 companies trust it. Integrated email validation technology provides a single dashboard for deleting duplicates and validating every email address in your list. It automatically removes spam traps, bots, and zombie emails that can affect your reputation with your email service provider, and allows you to run campaigns directly with Telegram, WordPress, Facebook, and more, increasing the amount Reduced code that you have to write.

As you run campaigns, Kirim Email lets you collect surveys using Google Forms and Google Sheets and sync them directly with your emails without third-party add-ons. This way you can learn more about your customers without having to pay extra money for data collection. You can even create complete landing pages – without paying more.

Kirin Email was voted the second largest product of the day at Product Hunt for a reason. It can save your business money and get more out of your email marketing without hiring more minds. Typically $ 163, a lifetime subscription to Kirim Email is now only $ 39.99.

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