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These are the most effective methods for attracting clients

55% of consumers no longer trust the brands they buy from as much as they used to. How are you going to make her fall in love?

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3, 2021

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One of the most complicated and important tasks for startups is customer acquisition, especially if you are in the early stages where you will have significant difficulty finding them. This is because the market is unfamiliar with your products, services, and your brand. For what companies need to do to come up with the best customer acquisition strategies, not all of them work because those who implement them don't have enough expertise, which brings little success.

The reality of customer acquisition is that trust in companies has diminished over time. HubSpot recently reported that 55% of consumers no longer trust the brands they buy from as they used to. 65% of consumers don't trust ads and 71% don't trust sponsored posts on social media. So you need to develop a solid attraction strategy.


In order to promote customer acquisition for your startup, we at G2 Consultores give you the following recommendations:

Find your users: there is a specific market (demographic) that you should be targeting. If you don't have a target market in mind, you are likely limiting your ability to effectively market your brand. If your product does not meet universal requirements, you should first focus on one or two markets. Once you've figured out who your target customers are, reach out to them for the initial testing or, if necessary, let them know your idea. If you receive comments about your products or services, you can make adjustments to better suit their needs. Find Out Where To Find Them: You need to figure out where your target market is to improve your chances of attracting customers. You need to be where you are at all times, online and offline, so that you can use this information to develop marketing strategies. We recommend that you try social networking communities if you have trouble finding them. Target users or customers looking for a solution to their problem visit these groups frequently. When you find them, avoid only promoting the products and services you offer, try to interact with these users and create value. Integrate video content: As you know, one of the trends is the creation of audiovisual content to promote your brand and facilitate customer acquisition. Remember, it has to be interesting and add meaningful value to your customers. Post the videos on the social networks that you have chosen to communicate with your customers. The aim is for them to reach your website through these channels and gradually bring them to you until they think they are ready to buy from you. Spread the word: once you've created content and it's on your platforms, you need to get the word out about your brand – that is, get it to the max. Don't underestimate the power of word of mouth, referrals are a hub in your customer acquisition strategy. Produce high quality content on a regular basis: A good customer acquisition strategy is to establish yourself as a trusted expert in your niche or industry. One way to do this is to regularly create high quality content. Some media include blogs, social media websites, or newsletters. White papers are another great way to establish your brand as trustworthy, especially if you are in a more technical niche or industry. Optimize Search Engines: Once you have created valuable content, you need to work on improving your search engine ranking. The best way to do this is SEO by optimizing keywords like longtails and always using backlinking. Develop a referral strategy that encourages your users to refer to other potential customers. They are likely the foundation of your customer acquisition strategy, especially in your early days.

If you continue with your customer acquisition strategy, you have a greater chance of success.

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