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The zoom decreases when the children return to the digital faculty

Everything is back to normal now, but Zoom had problems for several hours this morning.

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24, 2020

2 min read

This story originally appeared on PC Mag

UPDATE 12:45 PM ET: According to Zoom, we have resolved the issue that resulted in users being unable to start and attend Zoom meetings and webinars. Users can now also sign up for paid accounts, update and manage their services on the Zoom website. It is now being monitored to make sure these services are up and running. "

Everything should work properly now! We continue to monitor the situation. Thank you for your patience and our sincere apologies for disturbing your day.

– Zoom (@zoom_us) August 24, 2020

Original story:
Millions of people have relied on video conferencing services over the past few months to keep in touch with friends and family. Most of the time, these platforms have held up well, but apparently Zoom was a step too far today.

As reported by ZDNet, Zoom is currently not available. It just happens to be the day millions of students try to go back to school, which in many cases means enrolling in virtual classrooms. The result appears to be users of Zoom in the US and UK pushing the service beyond its limits.

Photo credit: via PCMag

The zoom status page confirms that an incident has occurred and an investigation is in progress. "We have encountered an issue that results in users not being able to authenticate to the Zoom website ( and being unable to start and attend Zoom meetings and webinars and we are working on a solution for this Problem. "This message appeared less than an hour ago at the time of writing.

According to, the problems started around 8 a.m., with the majority of the reported problems (73 percent) related to signups.

It can be difficult for teachers and students to quickly switch to an alternative video streaming service. Many simply wait for Zoom to come back online or choose to give up today and try again tomorrow. That will ultimately lead to another surge in demand tomorrow morning, but hopefully by then Zoom will be well prepared and have extra server capacity to deal with it.

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