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The world has already modified: The right way to create a brand new skilled and private actuality

Silvia Singer, General Director of the Interactive Economic Museum, gives us the keys to transform ourselves into this new normal that, like it or not, will stay here.

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24, 2020

4 min read

This article has been translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors can occur due to this process.

“The world has stopped and I feel so bad that I don't want to talk to anyone. It's a feeling we've all had over the past few months, ”said Silvia Singer in her talk at Money Fest, Mexico's interactive festival for personal finance. "But if there is a crisis, there must be a chance."

With that sentence, general manager of the Interactive Economic Museum (MIDE) told us this is the time to make a change to face the new normal.

"Every museum is due to its publicity, but what happens when people can't walk?" This was the challenge that MIDE faced in March when Sana Distancia's actions began to stop the spread of COVID-19.

"We had to acknowledge that there was going to be a crisis that was going to last. We had to make changes and start over," Singer explained as he presented how MIDE needed to transform its strategy to focus on the digital public. “Now the museum is on the other side of Tacuba 17 in Mexico City. Now it is for everyone inside and outside Mexico who understand Spanish. "

The MIDE has already opened its doors, but this digital strategy allowed them to transform.

In this regard, Silvia gave us the strategy to replicate the success of the MIDE in our business areas.

Image: MoneyFest 2020

How can we create a new professional and personal reality?

Pablo Picasso used to say that when the muse of inspiration visits you, it must see you work.

“Entrepreneurship is a creative and at the same time critical act. There are no magical formulas to be transformed and there are many ways. Which is the best? Yours, ”said the director general of MIDE.
In order to generate your own strategy, according to the expert, it is necessary:

To be able to observe the environment: "First of all, one has to recognize the possibilities that are outside, understand what is happening, and find out what things or situations require a different solution that works better in this new normal."

Understand that change is constant: "It sounds obvious, but you need to stay agile and be open to innovation."

How I reinvent myself

Silvia Singer pointed out that you have to learn to think with a certain structure in order to transform yourself. A simple model that you can follow in your person and in your company is:

1. Think of something that you dreamed and imagined, but with a few alternatives on how to achieve it: "I need a clear goal to know where I want to go and what alternatives I have."
2. Honestly write down these alternatives in a notebook detailing the pros and cons of each: "Find realistic dreams with goals within reach and agree to be flexible in the method of achieving them."

3. Be informed so that you can choose an alternative and take the following step: "To be successful, you have to be yourself, but think about what you can improve."
4. Stand up for what you have chosen and continue: “We all have great wishes, but our resources are limited. So you have to make a decision and commit to it. "

In the end, the MIDE director gave all entrepreneurs who want to change good advice: “You don't have to endure the process, you have to enjoy it. I am sure that everything will be fine in the end. "

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