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The supply of the Biden Marketing campaign's belief within the "Solar Belt"

RealClearPolitics Associate Editor and Columnist A.B. Stoddard collapsed in an election night interview Tuesday on CNBC's "The News with Shepard Smith" about why Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's campaign "has the sunbelt's confidence."

"Camp Biden has confidence in Georgia because Stacey Abrams made it when she ran for governor in 2018 and only lost 55,000 votes," Stoddard said. "Since then it has registered 800,000 new voters and has really pushed this state into a new electorate."

Stoddard noted record turnout in 2020 among African-American voters over 65 in battlefield states, including Georgia. NBC News classifies Georgia as a throwing state, and it's historically red. Mitt Romney beat former President Barack Obama by almost 8 points in 2012. President Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 5 points in Georgia four years ago. The state is changing, however, and there's a growing affluent and diverse population in suburban Atlanta that brings it into play for Democrats.

Former US Representative and Suffrage activist Stacey Abrams speaks with former US President Barack Obama at a Get Out the Vote rally as he fights for Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Biden on November 2, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Elijah Nouvelage | AFP | Getty Images

Senator Kamala Harris twice gathered voters in metropolitan Atlanta while Biden delivered his closing address in Warm Springs, Georgia. Obama gathered in Atlanta on Monday.

Stoddard explained another positive sign of the Biden campaign in the south – the 600% increase in voter turnout in the Texas youth election by close of business on Wednesday last week. Not only was it good news for Biden, it was also for "Democratic tickets all the way to the election and not a good sign for President Trump".

According to Stoddard, Trump and the RNC have effectively energized Florida voters in ways that the Biden campaign and the Democratic Party have not. She pointed to the RNC's effective messaging that led to 2018, when the Republicans gained heavily over the medium term at both the Senate and governor levels.

"Cuban voters came out very strong in 2018 but are now very energetic about socialism and Venezuela, and they [the Trump campaign and RNC] have been very effective in communicating this," Stoddard said. "It is true that the numbers among non-white voters, especially black and Latin American men in the Miami-Dade area, have been on the Democratic Party for months because they are unpowered."

However, Stoddard said the silver lining of the Biden campaign in Florida was that they were picking up high-ranking voters "who are leaving President Trump in droves".

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