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The Silver Oak Wine CEO abandons a profitable e-commerce technique that every one entrepreneurs can use

23, 2020

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David Duncan's portfolio includes the Silver Oak, Twomey and Ovid wineries – brands for which every winemaker (and drinker) would kill. As his company prepared to launch his new Timeless winery, Duncan shared his thoughts on wine trends during the pandemic, building digital wine brands and millennial insights for the industry.

Target the right audience

"The future of luxury wine is millennia and soon GenZ, and they ushered in a new era of short-lived, limited-edition retail that will become the norm for luxury and crafts. The highest streetwear model, customers are looking for brands they can trust, to meet their needs and values ​​and who are open to curating the brand beyond a particular product. Both luxury and craftsmanship are seen as an experience by these next generations, and therefore the uniqueness of each and every limited product enhances the memorability of the product Experience. "

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For inspiration

"Our audience knows that we only find the best websites in all of our wine brands, we focus on understanding the place and on reconciling American innovation with the French pillars. So they take us on a journey. Take Take our new Timeless brand as an example: I wrote a song called "Timeless" about my late father – our founder – and when it was written I knew it had to be a wine made in his beloved vineyard, Soda Canyon With our experience as a single – vineyard Pinot Noirs firmly in hand, our winemaker Nate Weis has adapted to the occasion with this blend in Bordeaux style. What makes Soda Canyon so unique is the encounter of four microclimates, and you can taste it because the light acid meets mint with dark fruit. The wine remains true to our audience’s wishes for new wine experiences while he teaches her about this website and the essence of my father. "

When building a successful e-commerce website

"As a starting point, when you think about DTC, the product should stay with you throughout the experience. Your experience concept may not be appropriate for the product that does it. This is a good sign that you will forget what the experience is about This is the moment of shopping, it’s not a prelude to it. "

"Next: don't think & # 39; nervous & # 39; think & # 39; clear & # 39; – the diagonal axis or futuristic technology doesn't usually work in the long run. Make sure you have focus with fluidity bring – each page of the website should be framed to stand alone, but then seamlessly transition to other pages. When someone buys, they want to be able to take a product off the shelf AND look down the aisle equally. "

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"About this frame: Use the negative space generously and safely for each side. The digital design will always have an inherent tetris / column structure, but you can largely remove the limiting effect by having enough negative space around the images . " . "

"Finally: Just do it. There will always be marketing expenses that will tempt you to delay investing in a full ecommerce website. We pushed our own website back a year and then spent the past year building it And then a pandemic came and we realized how happy we were that we hadn't delayed any longer. "

About converting new buyers

"We have learned one thing so far: Millennials and GenZs want to discover a secret. What is your secret? For Silver Oak: Is the secret that American Oak is something you already know from Bourbon, Tabasco? Is your secret that? Twomey is a quiet love letter to Pinot from the Silver Oak people? That Ovid is the best American wine brand and they haven't heard of it, or Pritchard Hill, the best mix of soil and height in the world? David wrote a song called & # 39; Timeless & # 39; about his father and guess who makes cover of it … "

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About pandemic buying trends

"Before the pandemic, 96% of the wine was consumed within three hours of purchase, but now people are filling up, making wine shopping a multi-legged journey and the consumer viewing what he orders more as an album than an album Singles. Giving has increased by hundreds of percent, with an enormous amount of gifts to the family. Again, I always say that the taste of wine is very traditional, so we also see people who send the same program to themselves and their parents. This time has certainly made it clear which joint activities are optimal for virtual experiences, and drinking wine is definitely one of them. We'll get back to you when we find others. "

On the way forward

"First of all, I hope for health, safety and rest for everyone. We will all be together in 2020 and I believe that the focus will be on learning skills, languages ​​and hobbies. I think we will see a new group of sommeliers and gardeners From 2020, chefs, artists, home brewers and innovations will emerge. On the wine front, where people start building collections at home, we will combine a lot more food with wine than vice versa. Wherever possible, both wellness and outdoor time are becoming increasingly important. Again with family and close friends. "

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