The Moneyist: I instructed my unemployed tenant about jobs. He mentioned they don't pay sufficient and sit at dwelling smoking grass. Now he needs a reduction. What am I doing?

Dear moneyist,

I have rented a house behind my own house to someone in the service industry who is unemployed because of COVID-19 and now they cannot pay the full rent.

I'm lucky enough to have another job, but I'm heavily in debt with student loans, my mortgage, and other bills. I work very hard, including early and late hours and weekends. I referred my tenant to companies that hired during COVID-19 but he is not interested or says it is paying too low.

Instead, he is hanging out with friends or girlfriend and always smokes grass. He tells me to rent or discount the rent. It should be noted that he is already receiving a discount because the rent is significantly below the market price.

Part of me doesn't want to give him a discount because I work so long and hard and he just hangs around when it comes to work. Is that wrong with me? What should I do?

Impatient landlord

The Geldist: "It is difficult for me to understand that it is too much to earn over $ 200,000 a year to qualify for an appropriate stimulus check."

Dear impatient,

Your tenant's situation reminds me of a cartoon I once saw with a smoking marijuana colleague watching TV in his boxer shorts and a t-shirt in his parents' basement. The headline read something like this: "Smoking grass never harmed me!" The next box was exactly the same picture, except that it was 20 years later, and the headline read: "Smoking weeds never hurt me!"

Several major cities in the United States have either issued temporary clearance bans or are considering banning the corona virus. For millions of Americans who work on hourly wages below $ 15 an hour and have neither sick leave nor the ability to work from home, the economic impact has depleted their savings and put them in a precarious situation.

The Geldist: I filed a tax return with my estranged wife because she's a gambler and her finances are a mess. But I do NOT have a stimulus check – what can I do?

There are many people who do their best to find work and hold on to their homes. You deserve our full support. You may not know the actual circumstances of his income, but if he were to earn the same amount of money or more, he should definitely take a job to pay his rent and bills, especially given that you took the time to help him. But he has to be ready and able to help himself.

Local governments in several US cities have temporarily banned evacuation because the outbreak of the corona virus has worsened and, depending on where you live, may get worse before it gets better. Whatever you choose, make sure that the law is on your side and that you are happy with your decision. Listen to your belly! That is, if the work offered to him was enough to get through, he should accept it.

The Geldist: I did not receive my stimulus check because I owe child benefit back. That's not fair. My stepchildren rely on me – what can I do?

You have exceeded your role as a landlord and have done everything according to the book so far, and I recommend that you rent this apartment below the market price. Step 1: Make sure he knows he is getting this house below the market price. And step 2? If the champagne is not chilled to the right temperature for this job or rental, suggest that it go next door.

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