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The Mayor of San Francisco pauses indefinitely as coronavirus instances enhance

Zoe is looking for a small handout of Grant Street guests on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, in a makeshift dining area bordered by steel barricades in San Francisco, California.

Carlos Avila Gonzalez | The San Francisco Chronicle on Getty Images

The Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, announced on Friday that the city is suspending its "reopening plan" indefinitely and plans to close malls and non-essential offices next week as the corona virus continues to spread across the state.

According to Breed, San Francisco County has been added to California's "watch list", which may add additional state restrictions and closings if the county remains on the list for three consecutive days. San Francisco County is now joining other populated areas of California, including the counties of Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange.

On Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the counties on the list, representing 80% of the state's population, to close down fitness centers, worship services, personal care services, shopping centers, offices, hair salons and barber shops.

Nationwide, Newsom ordered all bars and restaurants, cinemas, museums and other indoor shops to be closed.

"Of course, if the state adds more restrictions, we will follow them. And if the conditions in our city don't improve, we can also close additional businesses and activities," said Breed.

In mid-June, the city had a low of 26 people hospitalized with Covid-19 versus a high of more than 90 people in April, Breed said. There are now 80 people in the city who have been hospitalized with the coronavirus, she said.

"What I'm afraid of is complacency," said Breed during a press conference. "People are fed up with the virus, but we are not fed up with the virus."

Breed initially paused the next phase of the city's reopening in late June, which would have reopened the city's nail salons, barbershops, and outdoor bars, pointing to a rapid increase in cases of Covid-19.

The paused reopening of the city comes from California grappling with how to reopen schools in the fall when the number of cases in the state increases. Some of the state's largest school districts, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sand Diego Unified, have previously announced that they will not be welcoming students back to the classroom for the beginning of the upcoming school year.

Clarification: The heading has been changed to reflect the offices and shopping centers. The closure is ordered on Monday if San Francisco County remains on the state's watch list for three consecutive days.

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