The Margin: Meals supply taken to the max or a school prank? Supply man interrupts school basketball sport

Talk about a food court.

A delivery worker, with an order from McDonald’s
in tow, made his way Wednesday night onto the court during the second half of a college basketball game between the Loyola University Chicago and Duquesne University at the UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse on Duquesne’s Pittsburgh campus.

Initial reports indicated the delivery worker was affiliated with Uber Eats
But Austin Hansen, who works on content development for Loyola, tweeted that the delivery was via DoorDash
Hansen also said he suspected the whole thing was a prank.

Either way, the hard-to-fathom incident, which briefly stopped play, left the ESPN announcers covering the game finding it, well, hard to fathom.

“Was he going to deliver the McDonald’s to somebody on the court?” one announcer asked incredulously. He later added, “Maybe I’ll put my hand up. I’m getting a little hungry.”

On social media, the situation naturally had plenty of folks talking. As one person tweeted, “this is the kind of dedication I need from my (Uber Eats) drivers.” But others questioned whether it was indeed a joke or marketing ploy of some kind.

Representatives of Uber and Duquesne did not immediately respond to MarketWatch requests for comment. A DoorDash spokesperson declined to comment. Uber Eats did send out a tweet that indicated its pride in the delivery-person’s dedication.

Of course, food-delivery workers receive all kinds of unusual requests. On a Reddit thread, some shared their stories.

“I once delivered food to someone who lived in an apartment directly above the restaurant they ordered from,” one recalled.

Others pointed to how they have delivered orders for soda alone. Or a single cookie.

There are also instances of extreme deliveries. In Block Island, a small island community in Rhode Island, Chinese food has been delivered by plane, for example.

Abby Schnable, who covers college basketball for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, reported that the delivery worker did eventually find his customer in the arena. In any event, the situation didn’t seem to faze Duquesne, the home team. It went on to win the Atlantic 10 conference game 72-58.

Duquesne is in sixth place in the A-10 through Wednesday, while Loyola, a newcomer to the conference, is at the bottom of the table, in 15th.

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