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The Land Rover worker asks for 808 sick days, the corporate fires him, and he wins the lawsuit

Absences cost the company more than $ 130,000.

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30, 2020

3 min read

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How many days off do you have at work? Well, a man who worked at Jaguar Land Rover was laid off because he had 808 sick days. The English company wanted to fire him, but he sued and won the lawsuit. What happened?

According to Birmingham Live newspaper, it is Vic Rumbold, an employee who lived near the Castle Bromwich plant and failed to get to work several times and for various reasons. Including injuries at work for health reasons and even an alleged attack. Therefore, the company continued the termination. Jaguar Land Rover, however, failed to complete the correct procedures before Rumbold was fired in December 2018 for "conduct and competitive delays".

So Rumbold appealed to the Birmingham Labor Court, where he alleged wrongful resignation. Judge Johnson, who was responsible for their case, concluded that the company was incorrectly applying Assistance Management procedures and "has not reasonably reached any stage in the process in which they might be considering firing".

According to the ruling, if Jaguar Land Rover had followed its own procedures, it would have reached the stage where Mr Vic Rumbold would have received advice or a warning of his absence so that he could improve.

Everything seems bad for the company, but Mr. Vic has had real health problems. In early 2018, he had hip problems and was diagnosed with avascular necrosis, which causes chronic pain. His suffering was so severe that he was unable to work from March 12th to August 13th of the same year. He needed a hip replacement.

When the company learned of the man's illness, it reassigned him to other duties which the plaintiff described as "just invented to get him back to work". He was also forbidden to use his cane for fear of damaging the engine body.

Jaguar Land Rover told the court: “The last 18 years of absence has cost approximately $ 130,000. We have to take into account the behavior, the absence and the evidence of enthusiasm for the return. "

Since the man was not allowed to complete his treatment and give him the opportunity to work, the judge ruled that Vic Rumbold will receive compensation, but the amount will be announced by next year.

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