The Greatest Mortgage Lenders For 2020: Scores And Curiosity Charges

The 9 best mortgage lenders for 2020

Below are the top nine mortgage lenders this year. We selected these companies for their customer service, expertise, choice of loan products, and generally competitive pricing.

One of them may be the best mortgage lender for you. Remember, it is important to compare options from more than one company before making a choice.

You can do that here.

Check Your Mortgage Rates Today (Sep 25, 2020)

Mortgage lender

J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Score1

Complaints per 1,000 customers 2

Minimum credit score

Fairway independent mortgage


Guild mortgage company


Fast Loans / Rocket Mortgage


US bank


Loan deposit


Guaranteed rate




Veteran's United *


Navy Federal Credit Union *


* These lenders are for Veterans, Service Members, and certain Eligible Spouses only

Check Your Mortgage Rates Today (Sep 25, 2020)

Editor's note: The mortgage reports can be compensated by some of these lenders if you work with them. However, this does not affect our ratings. See our full editorial information.

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The 9 Best Mortgage Lenders

Fairway Independent Mortgage Co.
Guild Mortgage Co.
Fast loans and rocket mortgage
US bank
Loan deposit
Guaranteed rate
Veterans United
Navy Federal Credit Union

1. Fairway Independent Mortgage

Fairway isn't the largest mortgage company. But it has earned its top spot among the best mortgage lenders.

This is because Fairway Independent Mortgage is a winning combination of:

Excellent customer satisfaction values ​​- according to J.D. Power “better than most” Almost no complaints from customers – only 0.08 complaints per thousand customers

That means a lot. Customer reviews are the best way to find out how well a mortgage company is doing. And high ratings paired with low complaints mean that fairway is doing exceptionally well.

Other benefits of working with Fairway Mortgage include:

Great online and app functionalityExpert personal help at the end of the phoneMany choices of mortgage products including VA and USDA loansLoans for credit scores as low as 580 (but each application is different so this is not a promise)

What's the catch? Actually none.

However, you will need to enter personal information before you can receive a price estimate. So you don't know how competitive your rate is likely to be at the touch of a button.

2. Guild Mortgage Company

In the Mortgage Origination Study by J.D. Power in 2019, Guild was just one point (out of 1,000) behind Fairway. It ranks second for CFPB complaints.

So you can rely on Guild Mortgage's customer service standards very much.

What else is there to like? Well, Guild has:

Offices in 31 southern and western states. Licensed in 48 StatesWide Portfolio of Mortgage ProductsYou can get a VA loan with a rating of only 580, a USDA loan at 600, and other types of loans at 620 Consider alternative credit information if your credit rating isn't high

When comparing competitive quotes from different lenders, just check the guild lender fees.

Some believe they are higher than some of their competitors.

3. Accelerate Loans / Rocket Mortgage

Rocket Mortgage is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quicken Loans, so we're combining their place in third place.

If you've looked at other mortgage lender reviews, you may be wondering why Quicken and Rocket aren't in the first place like they usually are elsewhere.

There are two reasons. First, because Quicken and Rocket have slightly higher complaint rates than our top picks.

Second, because their interest rates are often slightly higher than those of competitors. "(Or at eye level, but with two or more discount points required – each discount point is a fee of 1% of the loan amount.)

Otherwise, however, Quicken and Rocket stand out.

They are America's largest mortgage lender, and in J.D. Power ranked first for 10 years in a row.

In addition, Quicken and Rocket offer:

Cutting edge technology. Rocket allows you to complete the entire mortgage process online. Wide range of products including Quicken's “Yourgage” that allows you to effectively choose your own loan term. Help if you have a low credit score or high debt – 580 pass score and 50% max debt income ratio

On this last point, keep in mind that each application is treated individually and you may need to be a good borrower in other ways to receive any of these applications.

Choose Quicken if you think you would like traditional loan officer assistance, and Rocket if you don't.

Check your mortgage rate today, September 25, 2020 with Quicken Loans

Check your mortgage rate today, September 25th, 2020 at Rocket Mortgage

4. US Bank

US Bank is the only mainstream bank to make our list of top mortgage lenders. The US bank has in the J.D. Power survey achieved a high score in customer service. What's hot about it? Well it has one:

A 3,000-strong branch network for face-to-face meetings. Willingness to Consider Alternative Credit Histories If You Have a Lower FICO Score. Broad portfolio of mortgage types including FHA, VA and USDA loans. Strong online and mobile functions

The US Bank also offers construction loans and refinancing without closing costs, which is known as Smart Refinance.

Just be aware that things weren't going so well with CFPB complaints.

5. Loan deposit

LoanDepot is another strong competitor for tech fans.

If the claims for the proprietary product mello smartloan are true, creditDepot's online tools can cut your shutdown time significantly.

In addition ,kreditDepot offers:

200 offices for face-to-face meetings, ultra-slick online services, loan approvals with credit scores as low as 580, but limited to mortgage types, a wide range of mortgages

All in all, creditDepot is good all round, especially for technophiles. However, be prepared to provide plenty of personal information to get an idea of ​​the mortgage rate for which you qualify.

6. Guaranteed Rate

If your only concern is getting the best mortgage rates, the guaranteed rate is likely on your shortlist. This lender has a reputation for undercutting competitors' rate offers.

In addition, the guaranteed rate offers:

Good customer service and few complaintsBranches in 46 states. Licensed to borrow all 50 different types of mortgages to choose from from the strong IT functionality for online applications and information

However, the low price offer has one limitation. This lender specializes in those with good or great credit.

So if your score isn't top notch, you may need to look elsewhere.


This credit union has J.D. Outperformed the power survey with a customer satisfaction rating of an incredible 900 points. On that basis, one could argue that she is the best mortgage lender in America.

The only reason USAA (and the next two companies) are this low on our list is because they only serve U.S. military personnel and veterans. Hence, most of the people cannot work with them.

Check your eligibility for a VA loan. Start Here (September 25, 2020)

But for those who qualify, USAA mortgage lending has some great benefits:

You don't need a VA loan. USAA also offers other types of mortgages. However, USAA has years of VA loan experience and service. You may need a minimum loan value of 620 with USAA, although the VA itself has a lower floor

If you are eligible for membership, we strongly recommend obtaining a mortgage quote from USAA.

8. Veterans United

Veterans United is by far the most popular (read: largest lender) for VA home loans.

VU customers are big fans and give J.D. Power survey 891/1000. And out of nearly 4,400 reviews on Trustpilot (at the time of writing), 95% rated it excellent, while 3% thought it was good.

Veterans United also has a lower rate of CFPB complaints than USAA or Navy Federal.

What else do you need to know? VU has:

Great online functionality and 24/7 phone support
A number of mortgages in addition to VA loans
25 branches across the country
A minimum score of 660, in most cases
When you're running out of credit, Veterans United's Lighthouse program has one-on-one support so you can build it up to qualify

Veterans United is a surefire shortlisted candidate for a VA loan. And it's worth considering whether you're a veteran or a service member who wants a different type of mortgage.

Check your mortgage rates with Veterans United today, September 25, 2020

9. Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal is another of our military specialists who could claim to be the best mortgage lender.

Why? The customer satisfaction scores are only slightly lower than those of the competition and slightly outperform Quicken Loans, the top mainstream lender.

And it can give you a lower mortgage rate.

You won't know until you get an offer. However, our sample suggests that it often outperforms major competition in interest rates.

Navy Federal Mortgage Also Offers:

Lower credit score threshold than other large VA lenders starting at just 580. Willingness to consider alternative credit information such as on-time payments for rent, utilities, etc. Slick website with good functionality Besides VA loans, there are many different types of mortgages

If you are eligible for membership with this credit union (the largest in the world), you will likely add it to your shortlist.

Are Local Mortgage Lenders Any Good?

You may find that our picks for the best mortgage lenders are all large corporations.

These great lenders are available to most people and are large enough to be rated by government agencies. This enables us to objectively review mortgage lenders.

But there are also plenty of smaller and local businesses worth checking out.

Scroll down for resources to use to compare interest rates and mortgage lenders, even if they're not on this list.

What are Mortgage Rates Today?

Mortgage rates have hit record lows nine times since the beginning of 2020. Maybe more as you read this.

That makes it an unusually good time to set an interest rate on a home purchase or refinance.

The following are today's lowest average rates * submitted by The Mortgage Reports' lender network:

Loan type
Today's average price

Conventional 30 year old FRM
2.75% (2.75% APR)
Conventional 15 year old FRM
2.625% (2.625% APR)
FHA 30 years of FRM
2.25% (3.226% APR)
VA 30 years of FRM
2.25% (2.421% APR)
VA 15 years FRM
2.25% (2.571% APR)

* The interest rates shown reflect the average values ​​for “first class” borrowers. Your own rate will vary. See our full credit assumptions here.

Check your new plan (September 25, 2020)

How to Get the Best Mortgage Rates

Your mortgage rate depends on how “good” your lender application looks. To get the lowest interest rate, you need a high credit score, solid down payment, low debt, and other features that will make you look like a responsible borrower.

With that in mind, there are a few steps you can take in advance of your mortgage application to ensure you are getting the best possible interest rate:

Actively manage your credit score – Check out our Guide to Improving Your Credit Score for tipPay off as much debt as you can – This mainly applies to credit card balances. They want all of them to be below 30% of your credit limit. However, if you still have a small amount on a car loan or personal loan, see if you can pay it off before you apply. This will reduce your monthly debt expensesBuy at least 3-4 lenders – You could lose thousands or tens of thousands over the life of your mortgage if you only turn to one or two lendersCompare the offers carefully – Learn how to read your credit estimate and find the lowest interest rates and closing costs In this article Pay attention to the closing costs – Don't be fooled by the headline rates for offers. See how much you pay upon graduation tooConsider buying discount points – Discount points are an option when closing. They allow you to buy a slightly lower mortgage rate by paying a little more when you close. If you can afford the cost, model your options with a Mortgage calculator

Some lenders reduce the interest rates offered in their offers by assuming you are buying rebate points. Others don't.

Nothing wrong with discount points if you want them. However, you need to compare prices equally. So make sure that your credit estimates take into account the same number of points.

How do I buy a mortgage?

Different lenders usually specialize in different types of borrowers.

One may be the best when it comes to helping high quality borrowers (with great credit scores, large down payments, etc.) while the other offers much better interest rates and programs to borrowers with weaker applications.

That said, there is likely a mortgage company waiting a lot.

The catch? You don't know which one it is until you've compared the credit estimates side by side.

Allow a few hours to fill out applications before you know which company is best for you. We recommend consulting at least three or four lenders.

If you're struggling to access your Gmail account, you might find an end-to-end online offering like Rocket Mortgage just too much.

However, if you live in a seriously remote location, welcome an e-signing option that will save you a lot of travel.

>> Relatives: How to buy a mortgage and compare the mortgage rates

Choosing the right type of loan

You also need to find the type of mortgage that suits you best.

If you are eligible for a VA loan, you probably want one. If you don't, however, it is up to you to decide whether a conventional, conventional, FHA, USDA or other type of loan is best for you.

Compare mortgage loan types:

Loan type
Minimum. deposit
Minimum. Credit score
Mortgage insurance required if <20% less
Special conditions of participation
N / A (often 620)

Finding the right type of loan is personal.

You have to consider your own goals; For example, would you like the lowest possible deposit? The lowest monthly payment possible? Do you have a lower credit score and need extra flexibility?

For more information on each loan type and help with choosing one, please see our complete guide to home loan types.

Receive individual credit recommendations (September 25, 2020)

Frequently asked questions about mortgage lenders

Who is the number one mortgage lender?

The straight answer is: Wells Fargo is the number one mortgage lender for loan volume. However, the “best” lender for you really depends on the rates and costs indicated. Other top lenders that we recommend checking interest rates from include: Fairway Independent, Guild Mortgage Company, Quicken Loans, Rocket Mortgage, lending deposit, US bank and guaranteed interest rate.

What is the easiest mortgage lender?

Some lenders are more relaxed than others in assessing borrowers. Often, however, the minimum requirements of the lenders are imposed on them Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or the federal government.

These agencies "guarantee" loans and set thresholds for things like credit scores and down payments. So your first priority is to determine the best type of mortgage for you.

Government-backed loans like FHA, VA, and USDA are usually easier to qualify for. Once you know what you are looking for it becomes a lot easier to find the right lender.

How do you buy a mortgage?

You need to pre-qualify with a lender before looking for a home. The price purchase takes place later as soon as you have found the desired property. It's a four step process:

1. Decide on the type of mortgage you need
2. Get quotes from multiple lenders
3. Compare your offers carefully
4. Choose the offer that suits you best

Above is all of the information you will need, as well as links to more detailed explanations.

What is the lowest mortgage rate?

30-year mortgage rates only recently hit their lowest average, hitting 2.86% in September 2020.

Note, however, that most of the interest rates on offer are for prime borrowers. those with excellent credit scores, large down payments, few other debts, and significant assets.

Your own "lowest mortgage rate" depends on your individual application. C.the hell with a couple of different lenders to find out what that is.

What's the Easiest Mortgage to Qualify?

If you're a veteran or a service member, probably the easiest mortgage to qualify is one VA loan. If you are buying in a rural or suburban area, it might be a USDA loan. The easiest to qualify mortgage for credit is the FHA loan. For those with lower savings, it is also relatively easy to qualify for a traditional loan with a 3% decrease.

Can I get a no-money mortgage?

Both VA loans and USDA loans allow you to get a mortgage without losing money. But any other type of standard mortgage requires at least 3.0% of the estimated home value.

If that's a little more than you can put off, take a look Down Payment Support Programs (DPA) across the country who can help cover your down payment with grants or low interest loans.

Is It Worth Using a Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage brokers are like retail stores for multiple lenders. And they may find the lowest rate you can get. Or they can't. So be sure to contact a broker. But don't rely on one. Get your own offers in parallel and compare all your offers.

What is the best mortgage for real estate investment?

Subsidized mortgages like FHA and VA loans are used to finance your primary residence. You could use one of these to buy multi-family properties like a duplex or 4-unit condominium complex, but you would need to live in one of the units. Traditional loans do not have these requirements, so they are often best suited for real estate investments.

What Is The Best Lender For A Low Down Payment?

The down payment you have to make depends more on the type of loan you are using than the lender.

Often times, conventional loans only allow 3% less (look for the conventional 97, HomeReady, and Home Possible loans); FHA loans start at 3.5%; No deposit is required for VA and USDA loans.

So check out what types of loans a lender is offering if you want to know how much down payment you will need.

Do I have to take out private mortgage insurance?

Many home buyers have to pay for mortgage insurance, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

PMI is typically required for mortgages with a down payment of less than 20%. So if you want to use a low or no down payment mortgage, you will likely have to pay for it. (The only exception is a zero-down VA loan.)

PMI is a good thing in the sense that it can help you buy a home much sooner than you otherwise could. A later refinancing without PMI is possible.

Should I get a Fixed Rate Mortgage or an Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

Most homebuyers choose a fixed rate mortgage (FRM) over an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM).

Fixed-rate mortgages have the same interest rate and payment over the life of the loan, so there are no surprise costs.

Variable rate mortgages have a fixed rate (usually 5 to 7) for the first few years. Then your interest rate can move up or down with the markets.

An ARM could be good if you're looking to sell in a few years. Otherwise, there is a risk that your mortgage rate and payment will go up at some point.

What are the Cons of Online Lenders?

Online mortgage lenders allow you to apply for a loan, upload documents, track your progress, and sometimes even close online. Many borrowers prefer this process because it can be more convenient than working with a loan officer in person or over the phone.

However, if you don't like or enjoy managing your finances online, then one of these lenders is likely not for you.

What is the Lowest Credit Score to Get a Mortgage Loan?

In theory, it is possible to get an FHA mortgage loan with a credit score of only 500 (and a 10% down payment). However, it is difficult to find lenders who are so lenient in practice.

You are much more likely to find FHA loans with a credit score of 580 or higher. The same goes for VA loans.

Most other mortgage types require a credit score of 620 or higher. This includes conventional loans, USDA loans, jumbo loans, and home equity loans.

How can I get a lower interest rate?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the economy as a whole, home loan interest rates hit record lows in 2020. To access the lowest interest rates on the market, you need a strong credit score (think 720+), a decent down payment. and a lender whose strengths match your specific buying needs.

Will mortgage prequalification affect my creditworthiness?

Many lenders qualify you for a mortgage based on a specified credit score or a "soft pull" that does not affect your credit.

However, you will need pre-approval – which is different from prequalification – before you can start looking for accommodation. Pre-approval requires more documentation and a tough credit check, which will likely affect your creditworthiness.

Note: If you receive all of your mortgage offers within a reasonable shopping period (typically 2 to 4 weeks) they will be counted as one instance so your score will not be impacted multiple times.

If I am self-employed, will I pay higher interest rates?

No, self-employment shouldn't affect your mortgage rate, but it could make it difficult to qualify.

Lenders want to document how much money you make during the application process, which is more difficult for self-employed applicants.

Before you apply, check with your lender to see if your employment status will affect the underwriting process.

Will my lender sell my loan to another company?

Yes, most lenders sell mortgage loans to mortgage service providers. This process creates the liquidity that lenders need to provide additional credit.

However, the loan terms that you conclude with your lender will remain in place even if your loan service provider changes. So choosing the best mortgage lender still has long-term benefits.

If your loan is sold, you will be notified of where your payments should be sent a few months before the change goes into effect.

Recep: The 9 Best Mortgage Lenders

Fairway Independent Mortgage Co. – Top customer service, few complaints
Guild Mortgage Co. – Top customer service, few complaints
Fast loans and rocket mortgage – Top customer service, online application
US bank – Wide range of loans, many branches
Loan deposit – Online application, faster closing
Guaranteed rate – Generally low prices, online application
USAA – Top customer satisfaction, VA loan specialists
Veterans United – Top customer satisfaction, VA loan specialists
Navy Federal Credit Union – Top customer satisfaction, VA loan specialists

Remember, mortgage rates change daily.

So once you've found a lender that you like, watch out for low interest rates and be ready to lock in.

You can get a head start by requesting personalized price estimates below.

Check your new plan (September 25, 2020)

1J.D. Electricity Satisfaction Results are from the US Primary Mortgage Creation Satisfaction Survey in 2019. The overall score is based on ratings from 4,602 respondents. Areas assessed include: Application / Approval Process, Communication, Loan Closing, and Loan Offers

2Complaints per 1,000 customers based on the number of official complaints filed against a company divided by the total number of origins of purchases the company made in 2018. Complaints from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) complaints database and source information from the CFPB 2018 Mortgage Trends Report )

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