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The ASAP Formulation: How Entrepreneurs Can Entry Free PR and Advertising

Who you connect with and your brand with has a huge impact on the business.

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11, 2020

6 min read

The opinions expressed by the entrepreneur's contributors are their own.

Being an entrepreneur and running a business is not easy. For your business to work, you need to meet as many potential customers as possible. But how do you do it if you don't have to spend thousands or even millions on marketing campaigns like the big companies do?

Over the past six years we have built several businesses without investing or spending any money on advertising until the business matured. In this article, I'm going to share the four strategies you can use to get millions of dollars in free PR and marketing.

Before we dive into the strategies, it's worth noting that nothing will work if you don't have a clear and compelling message. That is the foundation and core essence of your business. Having a disjointed message creates inconsistencies and gets people confused about what you are depicting. If you can bring it all together into one clean, concise message, then you can step up and step up your message. TV, social media, and publishing are great media as they act as megaphones to get your message across.

Here are the four pillars of the ASAP formula.

1. Association

Association occurs when you associate yourself or your brand with a more established brand or personality. This is a crucial step as by connecting with a more established brand or personality you will fill the gap and build your profile much faster and stronger. This makes your brand more reputable, which leads to people taking you and your brand more seriously.

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There are different levels of association. Depending on what your business is, you can choose the element relevant to your business.

Associations can arise with celebrities or personalities in your field. I've done events with a lot of different celebrities. In particular, my association with Les Brown quadrupled my business, and it wasn't because I suddenly got much better at what I was doing. People saw me on a different level than before. Associating with personalities or celebrities increases the perception that you are trustworthy. That is what the media and the club do, and in business you are in a game of trust. If someone trusts you, they will do business with you. Connecting with established brands is another way to expand. The idea is that if you are good enough to work with or for an established brand, then you are good enough to work with almost anyone else. This level of association allows you to be more believable by being endorsed by other brands. Working with charities is another way to build your credibility and image. However, it is very important not to partner with charities for the sake of visibility alone. This relationship has to start with your heart. You have to tell or believe in the cause first. A good example is Stella Maher, a two-time breast cancer survivor. She volunteered for breast cancer screening for years until they approached her to be one of the faces for her charity. She agreed, and her face appeared on billboards and in newspapers. This just shows you that the charity or cause you are working with must be something dear to you.

2. Speak

You can use speaking as another way to increase your visibility and share your message. Speaking to Sell is a very effective strategy that you can use if you have the skills to get it working.

If you have a message that can change the world, the TEDx or TED platform is a great place to share your message with an audience around the world. But not everyone is invited to a TED talk. Speaking at smaller events is a very underrated strategy, especially if you're just starting out.

Virtual speaking sessions are also very useful as you may be able to reach a much larger audience from the comfort of your computer. If you offer training to people in your area of ​​expertise, you will also become known.

The final speaking strategy is an MC or an event host. You will be spending time with a lot of people, even if you are not the main speaker.

Focusing on the niche or category your business is in can help amplify your message and reach the target audience you want.

3. Awards and Recognitions

Here's the bad news. When you receive an award, you will get a lot of buzz on social media and with people you know for a few days – but then people will forget.

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But there is good news. You can use these awards to your advantage. Awards represent who you are as a company. As I mentioned earlier, awards create a buzz around you. So the question is, how can you use awards to grow and build your profile? The answer is TV, gigs and publications.

It is much more attractive to be able to say “winner” than just saying your name. Make sure you connect with awards and recognitions and use them to build and grow your profile. This is one of the reasons we give awards to our customers. Not only because they work hard and deserve it, but it also helps them become more visible and reach new audiences.

4. Publications and Media

Publications and media are the right place. Good advertising increases your brand and credibility. I use the major media logos that I was featured on at the bottom of emails as well as on my website as social evidence.

When it comes to publications, these are the questions to ask yourself:

Is my target audience reading this? Do my colleagues read this? Which local media would be interested in my point of view? Which national or global magazine would like to know about my story?

The three types of publications that you can be featured in are local press, global press, and niche publications. Be purposeful when facing these groups and remember that visibility is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

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