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The 5 apps it’s essential to get your cash so as

We're starting in 2021, an ideal time to control your spending with these mobile tools.

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We are a few days ahead of the start in 2021 and the so-called "January runway" that many are facing because their finances are not in order (which they have been dragging since November last year).

If you have better control of your finances in 2021 and want to save for a future project (upgrade your home, open a business, strengthen your brand) but for some reason you haven't gotten to, you still have time to get there it and for that you can rely on mobile applications to accomplish this.

Below we've put together five apps that you must have on your smartphone and that will make it easier to manage your expenses or increase your income:

The Mexico Classifieds website has items for sale that can be converted into additional income by selling on this platform. If you want to buy a product or service without affecting your pocket, you will find numerous options on this platform at extremely affordable prices.

We have talked about this application before, but it should be noted that it helps you be more organized by using notes to record personal information. The best? User data can be synchronized on all platforms on which you use the service.

This free platform developed by Condusef allows you to track income from salaries, incentives or benefits, as well as your monthly expenses. Calculate your periodic storage capacity and the time it would take to reach a certain amount of money.

Keep track of the expenses made in relation to current capital and classify them into different categories. Plus, you can get a real-time overview of your finances, create a savings plan, get advice and schedule alerts to help you meet your goals.

This application offers advice on savings, spending or debt based on your financial valuation, personalized recommendations for bank cards, and graphs comparing income and expenses. It also helps you draw up budgets, plan bank payments, among other things.

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