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The 10 Commandments of Podcasting

17, 2020

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Right now, companies seem to be launching podcasts on the right and left, many to counter slower sales. According to podcast hosting, more than one million podcasts and more than 29 million episodes will be available for listening by July 2020. This is a lot of airtime for an audience that is generally relatively wealthy and well educated. Perhaps you have decided that it is time to get a piece of this cake. However, when looking for the right microphone, there are 10 "commandments" that you can use to set up your podcast for success.

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1. You shouldn't do it for the money

At least not directly. According to Castos, not only do most podcasts make no money, but most also cost money due to costs such as hosting and equipment. The success of podcasts is rarely measured in dollars and cents.

2. You should be a consumer

You would not open a pizzeria if you never longed for a piece. You also need to understand and enjoy your medium before you start broadcasting. Cultivate a crop of your favorite podcasts and consider why you enjoy them so much. There is a lot of bad stuff and you can learn a lot by identifying the mistakes you don't want to make.

3. You should think carefully about your brand

So if you don't make money from podcasts, why are you bothering yourself at all? This is because you are building your brand. This means that every minute you speak to your audience, you create impressions of your company, your ethos and your products. Even if you do not specifically promote yourself as an entrepreneur, position yourself as an expert. Think carefully about which image you want to convey.

4. You should be useful

According to the Digital News Report, 46 percent of podcast listeners want information on topics of personal interest and 39 percent want to learn something new. It is important to understand what your audience wants and if you deliver it you will gain loyal listeners.

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5. You shouldn't be a seller

Although one of the purposes of your podcast is to build your brand (and therefore your sales as well), be careful not to turn your show into a commercial. When people wanted an advertisement, they switched on an advertisement. You know that your audience is preparing for personal edification. Do not alienate them by trying to sell your goods.

6. You should become personal

Now I am not encouraging you to reveal all of your secrets, but I am encouraging you to let your audience know you. Your goal should be to attract an audience of loyal listeners. One way to do this is to establish and maintain a connection between you and your listeners. Regardless of whether you're broadcasting podcasts on fly fishing, investment advice, or raising children, you can personalize your podcast so that listeners keep coming back.

7. You should create a uniform format

Although your listeners are looking for new and interesting information, it is our nature to yearn for structure. When you create a format that each episode follows, your listeners feel anchored. You know what to expect. Your structure does not have to be complex. It can be so easy to recap the takeaways from the previous episode, introduce your guest or topic for the current episode, and share the feedback from the listeners. It is important that your audience knows what is coming.

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8. You should publish episodes regularly

If you only randomly release your podcast episodes when the mind moves you, it will be difficult for you to build a consistent audience. Whether you're creating a short podcast daily on current events or longer, more detailed pieces once a week or once a month, let your listeners know when they can expect new programs.

9. You should be professional

You may be discussing frivolous or personal issues, but that doesn't mean that your podcast can be sloppy. If you get good gear and edit your podcast effectively, it's different from all the lousy stuff out there. From hiring a freelancer to compose your intro music to investing in a high quality microphone, you should take the steps to put together a clean, professional job.

10. You should be sociable

In addition to building your brand, podcasting also offers the opportunity to network. Inviting experts, members of your industry, and even occasionally learned listeners to be guests on your podcast will keep your audience entertained and engaged. As a bonus, let yourself be inspired by a variety of perspectives and ideas for upcoming episodes.

Podcasting gives you tremendous opportunities to reach listeners where they are when they're receptive. They are a companion on the way to work when they clean the house and a training partner in the gym. Following the podcasting bid will help you build your brand and build a loyal following.

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