Testimonials: What People Say About Our Service

Below are reviews of our writing services from clients we have served. This is our proof of quality of service and our pride all in one.

01/10/2016, Alex:

Thank you New Papers. I was so busy I didn’t even have the time to check the essay thoroughly, but it looked great when I looked through it. The important thing is, my professor really liked it. You really did get me a good grade. Will definitely use your service again. Talk to you soon!

29/09/2016, Samantha:

You just got yourself a new regular customer! I have tried and tried to find to find a good writer and I finally did. Thankyou!

29/09/2016, Emrah:

Just received my essay and it is great. Thank you New Papers…

27/09/2016, Anna:

When you accepted my assignment a day before the deadline, I honestly thought that it will be horrible when you send it. What else when you offered better price than anyone? But noo, the essay you sent was actually better than the ones I got from others – and I order A LOT. This is a good thing for you I guess, cuz now you are my favorite! Thanks

25/09/2016, Ivan:

I am a good writer myself, but had so much work that I had to turn to writing services. I’m glad I chose you, I couldn’t have written it better. You even helped me learn more about writing an essay when I read it. My essay was marked very well, as always and the professor did not suspect a thing. Thanks

24/09/2016, Owen:

Thank you for your help with my essay. I appreciate you.

20/09/2016, Jenna:

The guy I asked 1000 questions before placing my order was so patient, I still cannot believe this! You are so kind and I thank you for that. You give good content and care for your clients. That is important.

16/09/2016, Jeremiah:

I read the essay you sent and am very pleased with what you wrote. Thank you

12/09/2016, Mike:

Your writing is brilliant! I hope it will get me a better grade – been struggling with the subject for months now. If it does, you’ll hear from me real soon.

10/09/2016, Ray:

Wow, you really are good. I didn’t believe that when I saw the price at first.

03/09/2016, Sarah:

Pass on my regards and thanks to the writer you assigned to me: he got me an A! Thank you.

01/09/2016, Leila:

I cannot find the words to thank you enough. If I could, I would write my own essays ha-ha. But thank you, thank you!

30/08/2016, Shana:

Just read my essay and it is GOOD! I like your writing style. Did exactly what my professor asked from me. I am so happy with your service.

25/08/2016, Keith:

Not only you wrote a great essay, but referenced it and formatted it. I don’t have any other job than read what you wrote. This is amazing! I thought I would have to spend an hour editing and fixing the essay. I will proceed my entire literature review with your help. Send my writer my thanks and let her know there is plenty more of this.

23/08/2016, Tom:

Thank you for the first essay and thank you for the edited version.
You have never let me down and done everything I have requested.
We’ll talk again soon!

20/08/2016, Jose:

You guys are terrific, thank you for my essay.

18/08/2016, Helen:

Work received and work well done! Thanks.

18/08/2016, Lizie:

Every time I need writing help, you are there. You never say no to my requests, no matter how crazy my professor is in asking things. Thank you for your kindness and for my grades. You made my college days much more easier.

17/08/2016, Emma:

Thank you for helping me, my professor LOVED it.