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Tesla may embrace Apple Music and Amazon in its vehicles

Elon Musk's company plans to roll out more fitness apps.

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30, 2020

2 min read

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The rivalry between Elon Musk, Tesla and Apple could lead to a "deal" or something similar. According to reports on Twitter, the car company will add Apple Music to its entertainment service.

In Tesla vehicles there is a central screen that is almost like a computer and can perform several tasks. Potify is already available in the system to entertain the crew.

Image: Depositphotos

Thanks to a picture posted on Twitter by a user, Green (a hacker who analyzes Tesla system updates), you can see that Apple Music is one of the options, but it still doesn't work.

It looks like more media sources are coming soon. Although it's not quite there yet.
The icon in the user interface is incorrect, but the correct icon is already filled in.

– green (@greentheonly) December 27, 2020

There is currently no official announcement as to when the service will arrive at the vehicles. But Apple isn't the only one to be part of Elon Musk's board of directors. Also in the crosshairs are Tidal, Amazon Music and Audible, an audio book service from Jeff Bezos & # 39; company Amazon.

This is related to the desire of the tycoon Elon Musk to integrate video games in Tesla cars in the future and thus expand the entertainment options. He even said on his Twitter account, "Entertainment will be essential when cars are self-driving."

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