: SolarWinds warns of "focused" safety breaches by hackers who exploit new software program bugs

SolarWinds Corp., the software company that was at the center of a massive cyberattack last year, warns some customers that hackers discovered and exploited a new vulnerability.

In a statement released over the weekend, SolarWinds
warned users of its Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server and Serv-U Secured FTP to install a hotfix immediately to secure the security hole. Without a patch, “an attacker could then install programs; View, change or delete data; or run programs on the affected system, ”the company said.

SolarWinds of Austin, Texas stated that Microsoft Corp. Having been made aware of the hack.
and that it is "a limited, targeted group of customers and a single threat actor".

SolarWinds emphasized that the vulnerability specifically targets its Serv-U products: "To the best of our knowledge, no other SolarWinds products are affected by this vulnerability."

The company said the latest breach was "completely separate" from last year's massive "sunburst" breach that exposed potentially sensitive data to a number of federal agencies, including the Treasury Department, and large corporations, including Intel Corp. .
Cisco Systems Inc.
and Nividia Corp.
+ 2.31%.

SolarWinds said it did not know which of its customers were affected by the recent cyber attack, nor does it have any estimate of how many customers were affected.

SolarWinds' shares fell nearly 2% on Monday, giving up early gains after the company forecast positive sales outlook for the second quarter. The stock is up 14% since the start of the year but is down 2% over the past 12 months.

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