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Simplify what you are promoting operations with this AI-enhanced scheduling app

KarenApp is specially designed for small businesses.

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8, 2020

2 min read

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America has more than 30 million small businesses. Running any of these small businesses takes a lot of work and organization. Regardless of whether you run a one-on-one consultation or a yoga studio, being able to organize your schedule and appointments is absolutely crucial. Although there are many tools out there that can help you with this, KarenApp Scheduling Software is one of the few that is specifically designed for small businesses.

KarenApp is a smart assistant that manages all the things you don't have time for. KarenApp schedules appointments, takes payments, and sends automatic reminders to make business easier. It comes with a scheduling bot that allows you (and your customers) to speak naturally to your calendar and book appointments seamlessly. It automatically detects time zones and adjusts meeting times to ensure you are always on the same page with customers in different time zones, and even supports group planning. After a meeting, KarenApp automatically sends feedback emails to customers to keep them informed of any events occurring during the meeting.

Aside from planning, KarenApp also keeps your team up to date by giving multiple people access to the same team dashboard and allowing team members to assign appointments or meetings themselves. KarenApp's world-class Woods plan allows you to schedule 1,000 appointments per month with up to 12 team members.

Finally, and most importantly, KarenApp makes sure that all of your business and customer information is completely safe. All production data is stored in a secure PCI DSS-compatible external data center, and all server access is via encrypted network channels.

Make planning and running your business easier than ever. A lifetime subscription to KarenApps Woods Plan is available now for just $ 149.99. If you don't need such a robust program, KarenApp also offers the three-user Nest plan for just $ 99.99 and the single-user Hive plan for just $ 49.99.

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