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Restflix is ​​Netflix for a greater night time's sleep and will change your life

Fall asleep and sleep every night with this app.

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8, 2020

2 min read

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Everyone needs their beauty sleep, but entrepreneurs even more than most. Americans report a dramatic decline in the quality of life when they are unable to get a full night's sleep and entrepreneurs cannot work at the high standards they need to run their businesses when they are exhausted. If you're struggling to sleep through the night, it may be time to try Restflix.

Restflix is ​​a streaming service that helps users fall asleep faster and fall asleep all night. It uses a proven technology called binaural beats to harness the brain's response to sound and create a meditative, restful state. You can play more than 20 live channels of soothing sounds, bedtime stories, guided meditations, and more, designed to gently put you to full sleep.

Providing unlimited video and audio without interruptions, Restflix will help you overcome insomnia, tinnitus, and nighttime anxiety, and hit you with more energy and strength every day. It's available on all major platforms including Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, iOS, and Android.

Even if you don't have sleep problems, Restflix can be a valuable tool to help you relax and develop a healing meditation practice.

The good news is that the reviews also confirm what they claim to be doing. Restflix got perfect 5-star ratings on both the Google Play Store and the App Store because it really works. You don't have to fight to sleep every night and pull through every day. Get the best sleep of your life with Restflix. You can save a lot right now. Get 40 percent off a one-year subscription for just $ 29.99, 50 percent off a two-year subscription for $ 49.99, or 59 percent off a three-year subscription for $ 59.99.

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