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Tarek El Moussa is known for his impressive renovations on his HGTV shows "Flip or Flop" and "Flipping 101 With Tarek El Moussa". But what are his own houses like?

That depends on the 39-year-old reality TV star having bought and rented some properties for his personal use over the years.

Everyone wondered where they were in life at the time, whether they were single (when their home had a shark tank), married to Christina Anstead (time to upgrade to a huge family house), divorced (hello, "Dadchelor" – Pad!) Or starting over with his fiancée Heather Rae Young.

To get a good idea of ​​how life changes can affect your home, check out this timeline of El Moussa's many homes over the years and how much his tastes have evolved.

Early 2000s: Tarek El Moussa's first home

Even El Moussa had to start somewhere! When this HGTV star was only 21, he bought his first home – and spent a lot more than he expected. He went looking for a home for around $ 400,000 but fell in love with a home that was listed for over $ 800,000.

"It was the perfect bachelor pad – 1,400 square feet, a huge master bedroom, a human cave to myself, and the coolest of them all, a 300-gallon shark tank – may I remind you that I was 21 at the time? " he wrote for®.

Let's just say that El Moussa's first home was a great life lesson for him that you should never bite off more than you can chew – financially or otherwise.

"I was very, very broke," he admitted. "With no money for furniture, I lived in an empty house for almost nine months."

2013–18: El Moussa's first family home with Christina Anstead

This Yorba Linda, CA villa was the home of Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead's family when they were married.

By 2013, El Moussa was married to Christina Anstead and they had their daughter Taylor, so they needed a larger family home. The couple's hit TV show, Flip or Flop, had completed its first season, so they had the cash to upgrade.

El Moussa and Anstead did a lot of work on their backyard.

And they've upgraded: El Moussa and Anstead's home in Yorba Linda, California, was bought for as much as $ 2 million in late 2013.

With six bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, this property was already impressive, but the couple ended up spending another $ 1.5 million to upgrade the property and turn the back yard into an oasis with a gorgeous dining area, fancy pool, and more Transform fire pits.

El Moussa and Anstead are sitting at home in an episode of the fourth season of "Flip or Flop".


Despite all the sweat of the renovation, the pair sold at a loss when the couple split in 2018, taking an offer for only $ 2,995,000 – proof that renovations don't always pay off.

2017: El Moussa's houseboat with bad choices

Originally, El Moussa and Anstead bought this yacht together and named it Flip or Flop. But shortly after they split up, El Moussa purposefully renamed it Bad Decisions.

The boat, which cost nearly $ 1 million, has two bedrooms and two bathrooms – making it practically as spacious as some of its flips.

With teak floors and cedar-lined cabinets, the boat is stylish and has a kitchen, as well as a washer and dryer. It's also convertible and can either be left open to the ocean breeze or closed to allow the heating or air conditioning to make the journey more comfortable.

It turned out that this boat played an important role in El Moussa's meeting with his fiancée in Newport Beach, CA.

"His boat was parked next to the boat I was on," Young told Netflix, "Selling Sunset." "And my girlfriend happened to be on his boat."

She jumped on board, she said, and El Moussa turned.

"And he said," Hello, I'm Tarek, "she said," Then we just texted and stayed in touch. "

2018–20: El Moussa's “Dadchelor” pad after the divorce

El Moussa's "Dadchelor" pad.

After El Moussa and Anstead split up, El Moussa moved into a four-bedroom "Dadchelor" pad in Costa Mesa, California. A good mix of family-friendly and all El Moussa – with no Anstead's feminine touches – was just a few blocks from his ex-wife's house, which made joint custody of their children a lot easier.

The house had a pool, spa, and outdoor dining area. The interior was designed in bold colors, making it look cozy but masculine. With a modern fireplace and high ceilings, the room was perfect for El Moussa.

April 2020: El Moussa and Young's first rental together

By April of that year, El Moussa and Young were ready to move in together. They rented a fancy house in Newport Beach just a block from the ocean. El Moussa and Young's house had fun swivel chairs, a dining table perfect for a family of four, and lots of family photos.

This rental was temporary but these two definitely looked comfortable!

September 2020: El Moussas Fixer-Upper on the beach

Of course, Young and El Moussa had no plans to rent forever, and in September they bought a house in Newport Beach. El Moussa originally bought this house to turn it over, but after proposing it in July, they decided it would be a great home for both of them.

Unfortunately, it looks like it will be a while before these lovebirds can move into their new accommodation.

In November, El Moussa reported that his new home was flooded. "Ugh, when it rains, it pours! We're way behind schedule now and way over budget lol, ”he said.

It may take some work to get this place ready, but once El Moussa has proven something he can roll with the punches and is always up for a challenge – with his homes or otherwise.

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